Playtime with Bonnie

What do a boatload of beads and an entire studio packed with lighting equipment, cameras, microphones and wires have to do with each other?

On your average day, not much. Last week – everything! I’ve been working very hard for several months and am so excited to tell you about my latest project. A new instructional DVD titled “Bead It Like You Mean It!” It’ll still be a few months before it’s out but we had SO much fun filming that I can’t keep it under wraps.

The lovely and VERY talented Bonnie McCaffery was an absolute pleasure to work with – who wouldn’t smile when they saw that wide grin behind the camera? She is very good at helping me to focus and get down to business – and tolerant of my tendency towards silliness as well. 
Lots of silly on this DVD. Lots of really, really, pretty things and useful information too!

We got done a whole day early so we had time to play with some really fun special effects and take a walk around the lake and play with our cameras.
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  1. Jane LaFazio says:

    wonderful. can't wait for the premiere!

  2. So exciting! Congratulations!

  3. Leslie Tucker Jenison says:

    How wonderful, Lyric! I can't wait to see the dvd. Congratulations on your new project. It looks like you and Bonnie had fun.

  4. Your previous dvd was getting lonely. Now it is happy as it knows it will soon be joined by an sibling. Congrats! Love the new hair cut and all those gorgeous beads. Have a great week.

  5. Lyric. How exciting. I look forward to seeing it when it is finished. If it is half as good as your book it will be spectacular.

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