Work in Progress and Artspark’s Spring Tutorial Fling

Just for fun – here is a bit of the small piece I worked on during my trip to Montana this month.
An title ideas? 

and day 1 of
Artspark’s Spring Tutorial Fling

Incised Fun Foam Stamping: Melanie Testa

Recycled Slip cover for a small book : Gwen Diehn

Tomorrow look for:
Freezer paper stencils from your sketchbook images and Paintstiks:Jane LaFazio
Bunny Power: Quick Tombo Rabbits: Carla Sonheim
Painting Bird Eggs: Tracie Huskamp

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  1. "Pearlesque" came to mind as a title, absolutley beautiful piece of work.

  2. Laura Wasilowski says:

    Looks like an ocean treasure to me.

  3. Is it mother of pearl or silver? I can't quite discern…the beaded section is that go through the main piece look (to me)like umbilical cords…so Birth of the Moon…

  4. Laura Lea says:

    Love the beads weaving around and through the mother of pearl piece. It's lovely Lyric! Curious as to size and what it will become…

  5. Lyric, your small piece of art is beautiful. I kept thinking of ice or mermaid jewels, but no title.:(

  6. Barbara L. says:

    Beautiful piece! Moon Goddess?

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