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I  love looking at the innovative ways other artists are exploring fiber as a medium for creating fine art. It’s inspiring to see textiles being accepted more and more in museums and galleries.

Fiber Art now is an art magazine focusing exclusively on fiber and it looks to be a fantastic for finding a little inspiration, education, and illumination.

The magazine showcases artist’s work and explores the history aspect of fiber arts. Their website states,


“We seek to be informative and idea-generating for our readers. All of our editorial material is injected with a warm, personal tone. Each reader should feel that he or she is being spoken to directly, and we assume that every reader has advanced knowledge of the world of fiber arts and textiles. We seek to capture an interesting combination of the well-respected and well known as well as lesser known ‘finds.’ Every reader should open up their issue of Fiber Art Now and learn something new, whether they are the most seasoned and experienced professional or are new to the world of fiber arts and textiles.”



One lucky reader who comments on this post by Monday February 5th will win a year’s subscription to Fiber Arts now!

Tell me what is the most innovative piece of fiber art you’ve seen? 

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  1. Excellent post. I used to be checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
    Very helpful info specially the final part 🙂 I handle such information much.
    I used to be looking for this particular info for a
    very lengthy time. Thanks and good luck.

  2. michele lasker says:

    My most favorite piece is the sock doll my mother made me as a child. I still have the doll and it sits in my night table drawer. My mother made me a pink printed dress and the doll has the same fabric on her dress. The doll represents my mother teaching me about fiber arts from a very young age. Mom made me doll clothes for my Ginny doll that were hand embroidered. I wish she were here to see how my fiber arts career is blossoming. I love all kinds of Fiber Art and travel the world viewing it for my pleasure and for my education.

  3. What a lovely gift you are offering. I always enjoy your work. Have a wonderful day.

  4. Tilly Hippy Bradley says:

    What a lovely prize. Good luck to everyone who has entered. 😀 Tilly xx

  5. janice/Houston says:

    Wow! so many comments about fantastic artists! Where to start researching and viewing???? My favorite is Peggy Sexton in Houston who does small 3-D items with lots of texture and color. Love the blog on JOY today/now……….

  6. Fiber Art thank you for bringing me inspiration from the fiber world on a daily basis on Facebook! I find Jill Powers’ work especially inspiring. I saw an installation of her bug sculptures at the Snyderman gallery last year. I didn’t realize what her materials were until I read more about her in your post. She is using the environment to make a statement about the environment. Breathtaking art that packs a punch!

  7. I would have to say the piece I saw at an art show in Metchosin, BC this summer. It was felted figure of a women’s bodice that covered the top of a beautiful sun bleached piece of driftwood. It was absolutely stunning and I cannot get the image out of my head. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest!

  8. I liked the Walking in Love installation at Sacred Threads 2011. I think it was very innovative and original. Thanks for this opportunity.

  9. Elizabeth Brunner says:

    Oh, my goodness! I just discovered your blog and website via our FreeCycle exchange about lace. You are so extraordinarily talented and right here locally in the Apex/Cary area. Wow, wow, wow — I’m determined to enroll in one of your workshops. The innovative fiber art that has left me speechless at the moment is your “Glow” leaf series. So beautiful and realistic. I am fantasizing about whether the “Glow” artwork can fit within my budget, which would be a splurge but that level of beauty is priced so reasonably. And I love that you blogged about the process of making the leaves. How lovely to have a freebie giveaway on the site too. — from Elizabeth of Apex, your newest devoted fan!

  10. I’m going to toot my own horn and say I love what I am doing now.
    My definition of fiber is anything that bends, and you can see a lot of it on my blog and Quietfire Creations- and i teach a lot at Nice Threads- a gallery and studio devoted to fiberarts and being with students- everyone learning and everyone teaching is totally innovative!

  11. Wow, just reading the comments above mine have exposed me to some innovative fiber artists! I had to remind myself to stop checking out the links and make my comment. Fiber art speaks to me, deep inside. Thanks for the chance on the magazine.

  12. Naoko Serino’s jute sculptures are absolutely mesmerizing:

    I’d love to see how she creates these airy forms.

  13. I can’t remember the name, but they are the ones that the frames are planted into the earth and then people weave their art right into them and must be changed every few years, because of the weather and elements. What better way to express yourself, with the renewing of the seasons. There is no one artist’s that do these, many artist out there make these and share them for all to see.
    Love fiber arts of all kinds. Thank You

  14. Joan Radven says:

    Every day on Facebook, Fiber Art Now posts really amazing fiber creations. But for pure innovation and creative spirit, I’d have to choose Cindy Hickock’s wonderful machine embroidery. She manages to combine “witty wordplay and humorous references to art history” with impeccable execution in a small package. She’s been accomplishing this work for the past 30 years! Proud to know her as a Charter memeber of Houston Area Fiber Artists.

  15. Marty Corcoran says:

    I have inspired by the Collingwood rug weavers, Jason and Peter. They both have created amazing pieces that I love to return to time and again.

  16. Your blog post about joy was a ray of sunshine in a foggy morning. The most innovative fiber piece I’ve ever seen is paper sculpture in southern Arizona. It took my breath away.

  17. I can’t name just one. I have been amazed at what is happening in the world of Fiber Art! A growing medium every day.

  18. I would love to get this magazine. I want to push my art quilts further and this would be just the nudge I need. To people that I follow closely is Jane LaFazio and Ruth Rae, both very talented and I have been lucky to have the chance to take classes with them. They both have alot of passion and a willingness to share.

  19. Mary Skupinski says:

    My favorite was an Art Installation at MassMoCA a few years ago. It was a full room of crocheted orange fiber that spilled through a hole in the top of an adjoining wall…it was fiber, color, sculpture, architecture all in one! Unfortunately…I don’t remember the artist’s name.

  20. Peggy Dlugos says:

    I love Jude Hill’s lovely handwork.

  21. I am astounded by the art installations of Chiharu Shiota and Beili Liu who often use one simple medium~thread.

  22. I love what Fiber Art Now is doing to bring fiber artists’ passions to the attention of all who are open to the information…. and bring much needed exposure to the media. I recently discovered Diane Cooper’s fabulous work at http:/
    Inspiration comes with every facebook post!….. Loving it. Thanks

  23. Gerd Andersson says:

    Recently, there has been a real explosion on the internet of fabulous fiber art made by very talented artists. So it’s hard to choose someone special. However, Susan Lenz has tempted me to try her technique with her faux stained glass windows, which I will one day.

  24. I am CRAZY in love with the work of Anna Torma — contemporary embroidery/stitch/quilt/fiber collage….

  25. Karen Cunagin says:

    I’m crazy about the innovative embroidery/stitch/quilt work of Anna Torma.

  26. I get most of my inspiration for fiber arts is from my amazing fiber art junkie friends I have found on FB & Etsy. My favorite artist is Suzy Brown owner of WoolWench on Etsy. Not only is she an amazing fiber artist but she also knits & weaves. You can check out her arts here.


  27. Love working with fiber and enjoy looking at what others are inspired to do.

  28. Nancy Latham says:

    Issy Miyake’s sculptural fashion pieces were incredibly innovative back in the day.
    Still are.

  29. Textiles from the ancient Incas have always fascinated me, but after visiting the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, I have decided that the Wari textiles are absolutely amazing. An exhibit of Wari art is traveling now in the US and will soon be in Fort Worth, Texas.

  30. Boukje Janssen says:

    For years already I am absolutely thrilled by Louise Bourgeois’ fabric works. The intimate, poetic character of these works intrigue me.

  31. pamela marriott says:

    28 years ago while in college, some work of a weaver pushed me in a direction that was totally new to me as a weaver. This weaver wove with big rayon fiber, dyed and pounded after weaving. I began an exploration of airbush dyeing, multiharness weaving that I would go back and paint on. Sadly I can not remember the weavers name but manipulating my weaving was such a new concept to me. I want to say the weaver was lia cook, but I am not sure. But I remember the work!

  32. Katharine Huggett says:

    20 years ago I saw a tapestry in the entrance to General Accident in Perth Scotland. It was commissioned for the new head quarters building and was made by Samantha Ainsley (she won an award for it). It was at the start of my own journey with fiber. I am now a participating artist in Perthshire Open Studios making a and selling my own creations but the memory of her piece is still with me.

  33. Great magazine.
    Nuno felting & felt & its use in clothing pieces inspires me – so much so that I’m part way through setting up a felting studio in my basement. I would love to see more felt used in fashion design – its depth & texture are so exciting!

  34. Every time I want to see innovation with two human hands in motion, I go to the work of Esther Chacón-Avila, from Chile.

  35. Candy Farmer says:

    I was fascinated by the cape made from the silk of the Golden Orb Spider! What a beautiful and curious garment.

  36. I would love to see the work knitted structures of Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam’s in person. Her playground is amazing and structurally sound.

  37. Katharine Huggett says:

    There is a tapestry in the entrance way to the Norwich Union Building in Perth Scotland. It was created for the Building when it was constructed as the head quarters building for General Accident. It reflects the hills and rolling landscapes around the building when it was created. When I saw it was the beginning of my own journey to discover what I could do with fibre, I am now a participating artist in Perthshire Open Studios exhibiting and selling my own work.

  38. I am fascinated by the work of Marjolein Dallinga (
    I love the organic forms!

  39. Barbara Guthrie says:

    Several years ago at the Smithsonian Craft Show I was looking across the room at what I thought were beautiful nature photographs only to discover the most incrediable fiber art of Laura Breitman. She layers small pieces of fiber in such a way they look realistic until you are standing about three feet away. I have never tired of following her work. She can be found at

  40. I love Francene Levinson’s paper sculptures – a very unique approach to making fiber art related works.
    This looks like a great magazine – I look forward to exploring it further…as I am a fiber artist myself…
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a subscription.
    LeeAnna Yater

  41. The most innovative work of my fiber art works was The partition I was asked to make to divide a 600 ms. show room of the hause der kunest, the art museum in Munich, Germany. I made it from a hand designed and fabricated to be transfer to show through the art pieces shown. Please check the pictures on the following link.

    It was a big challenge for me to think and find out the appropriate material and design it and fabricate it. It is my great experience.

  42. I’d love a chance to win the magazine since it can’t be found anywhere near me. I can’t bring one single name to mind but I’m only exposed to what I come across on the Internet. I do like work that is colourful and richly textured, evocative of something in nature but not completely realistic.

  43. I love how jo hamilton can crochet art pieces. She captures faces and buildings in a way I never thought possible with yarn and a hook.

  44. I recently started following J.harrison wool images on Facebook. The work is amazing. She uses the wool from her own sheep to create images of people that have so much depth they are truly works of art.

  45. The most innovative piece of fiber art was a handmade felted scarf I saw approx 10 years ago. It was the first time that got in contact with handmade felt. So beautiful, so colourful, so much texture so unique – I was blown away it all started from there -I got hooked to felting xx

  46. Being from Scotland originally, I am totally in awe of the work of Judy R. Clark. Have an Arts Center in Connecticut and moving much more into fiber arts. Love the magazine and it is often hard to get it around here.

  47. Ooh, I haven’t seen this magazine before. It looks intriguing. Our local library has a fiber piece I love – an abstract landscape that’s freeform woven and felted. I’ve always thought it was odd hanging there as it’s unlike anything else in the library. I just want to bring it home with me.

  48. Gill Alleyne says:

    I am very new to art and fibre/textile art – have started an online course at teh grand age of 44 – I’m a science teacher in real life! This facebook page, blog and artists are so inspirational and I’m beginning to believe I can do this.

    I wish I could get this publication in my home town!!!


  49. jane dolan says:

    For me it is the work of, just love her amazing felt forms.

  50. An fiber artist that inspires me is Emily Barletta. She makes free-form crochet pieces that are amazing and is now experimenting with embroidery on paper.

    I’m experimenting with embroidery on paper as well as some of my painted canvases.
    FiberNow is also a great source for inspiration and learning of new artists and techniques. I’m so glad I discovered it.

    Adamandia K.

  51. Karen Kelly says:

    I love a mix of materials that have been translated to wearable art. I love the fiber/fashion designer Judy R. Clark

  52. A friend and fellow member of Material ARTistry, Margot Lovinger, amazes me with her fiber art. She creates fantastic portraits and figure paintings with layers upon layers of sheer fabrics, mixing colors and shadows with multiple colors of tulle. I have never seen anything like what she does, except maybe renaissance painters, so her work is the most innovative fiber art I have seen in a long time.

  53. Shirley Thomas says:

    I’m mixing fabric, thread, machine work and handwork with acrylic paint and texture on canvas. The results are pretty interesting. One day.

  54. I am most recently intrigued by the fabrications of Wai-Yuk Kennedy @ Whether it is her intricate jewelry fabrications or larger wall pieces, or even her clothing and bags, I find her spontaneous and highly intuitive pieces to be fascinatingly glorious.

  55. Mary Severine says:

    I like Joan Babcock’s micro-macrame and Cavandoli knotting work >>
    What I find so special is the incredible care she takes with each knot–each piece is so exquisitely executed. I understand she is a great teacher and hope to take a class form her soon.

    Love your magazine, by the way. It has come a long way since the first issue!

  56. Lynne Florig-Beck says:

    Wow this magazine looks amazing!! I really can’t pick just one. I have seen some things at the museums at the Smithsonian that were amazing. I also spent several weeks in Gatlinburg Tn. at the art school doing fiber classes and was inspired by everyone.

  57. Rhonda Rogalski says:

    The most innovative fiber art piece I have seen so far are the sculptural felt creations by Andrea Graham, The wildest looking one in my opinion is called Behemoth. She is making it with the addition of wax and resin. It is a work in progress, but is inspiring to watch!

    Now, the most innovative piece I want to create someday is an interactive installation piece; a large tree made of felt, in the lobby of a large building, where the branches reach for several stories and are covered with leaves and native birds an animals. It would be so large, and place in such a way that you would have to walk through the trunk. In my mind it is Awesome!

  58. Jane Lambert says:

    I was fascinated by feltmaker Tanya Aguiniga’s Performance Art whereby she was completely felted by people she trusted in a shop window ? in Los Angeles and the whole process was videoed. You can see the video on The New England Felting Supply website.

  59. My favorites are those they weave other media into the fabric piece. I, also, remember seeing ( but can’t remember where ?) fabric art that was hung outside and let nature
    join in the creation until it became nature itself again. I thought that was interesting.

  60. I have a terrible memory so I’m sure there is something more innovative than what I can remember! That said the most innovative fiber art I can remember at this moment were the hats a production of Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco. The hats are bigger than the people (some needing rope support from above) and I’m not really sure how much fiber is in them but they are pretty amazing.

  61. Kathy Dittmaier says:

    Hey Lyric, looking forward to seeing you in November at the Blue Moon Retreat. Can’t wait. Love Fiber Art of all kinds. See you soon.

  62. It’s hard to choose just one, there are so many innovative fiber artists out there. I do love Nick Cave’s sound suits.

  63. My most innovative piece is a doll I made by needle felting the hair and facial features. I used my hand dyed fabrics and had a great time.

  64. The most innovative piece that I’ve seen was a free form machine quilted sculpture. At the time I thought, if my quilting bubbled and waved like this I would have thrown it away. Now I want to do it!

  65. I love the work of Barbara Schneider She is working with fabric and thread in a way that inspires me. Her leaves are incredible!


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