Work in Progress: Zebra

It’s finally time to finish up this fancy girl – it’s been years that she’s been in process. That happens all the time with my art. I might still add beads, or shading. Who knows.

photo-4Anybody got an idea for a name or a title?


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  1. Seeing Double?

  2. An Extravagance of Stripes would be my pick. Lovely work.

  3. Looks like your zebra is trying to “Hide in Plain Sight”.

  4. Lovely work Lyric…Lemoned Zebra

  5. Looks “Zebradelic” to me!

  6. Sialady says:

    Hi Lyric, I am just off to meditation class, and when I saw your zebra..I thought about ‘Ze(n)bra Meditation’. The face is quite hypnotic to me. Love your emails…thanks for sharing and caring. Sialady.

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