family ties series

A series celebrating the ties that bind generations together.
Vintage textiles, found fabric, stitched, embroidered, beaded.
Mounted on 12″ x 12″ x 2″ gallery wrapped canvases.

Family Ties

Family Ties


600px.FT02 600px.FT03 600px.FT04 600px.FT05 600px.FT06 600px.FT07 600px.FT08


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  1. […] When I mounted most of the pieces in this series I did need to sew them onto the canvas by catching just the back edge. I also chose not to paint the canvases. I did texture them with modeling paste. I pressed lace into the damp paste to get an imprint then when it was dry I used a white acrylic paint over the whole thing. Isn’t it cool how you can take a bunch of tiny pieces and turn them into one bigger work with PRESENCE through this mounting technique? You can see details of each piece in the series by clicking here. […]