teaching: more abstract-a-licious


And here are the rest of the original abstract creations of my incredibly talented students from APWQ in Tacoma WA.



Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_19This design is created by tracing the major shapes that compose a well known work of art. Then she abstracted those shapes… lovely!





Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_9This student is a beader – and is going to put a cabochon in the middle and beads creating the spiral. I love it when the embellishments are an integral part of the design!


Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_6This student said she never knew when to stop. Just as she said that I handed her a chocolate. Inside the wrapper it said “STOP… and enjoy the chocolate.”



Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_4This student said it’s the first time she has ever drawn anything without a knot of worry in her stomach.

Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_3This student worked on creating a focal point through isolation… and did it beautifully.

Abstract-A-Licious_Lyric_Kinard_2Aren’t they amazing!???

I feel like asking you all to stand and give them a round of applause. They certainly deserve it.


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  1. Christina in Cleveland says:

    WOW!! I did, literally, stand up from sitting at my computer desk and applaud. Beautiful art!!

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