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350x500.Bead-ItSomething wonderful and big is happening her in Lyric Art studios this month. In several weeks my wonderful and talented producer, Bonnie McCaffery will be here to film a couple of DVD’s. She did an amazing job with my DVD, Bead It Like You Mean It so I didn’t hesitate to bring her in when I was ready to film another.

I’ve been thinking of doing one for several years and have a number of outlines hashed out but life is always very, very busy here. It seems that with my business the only thing that forces me to get things done is a deadline – so I just called up, set a date, and viola! Deadline to be met.

Now I just need to choose which topics I’m going to cover. I’ll have time to film two DVD workshops and have three ideas. Perhaps you can give me some feedback?

I’m sure I’m going to film a Thermofax Screen Printing DVD. All the how-to of finding or creating a design, making a thermofax screen, what kinds of paints to use, print set-up, design possibilities and so on. It will be jam packed with lots and lots and lots of information.

IMG_8436I’m also thinking of filming a DVD workshop on various methods of mounting and framing textile art. I would include matting and framing, wrapping the quilt around stretcher bars, and also mounting the textile art on painted canvases. What do you think? Is there actually any interest in this? Is anyone even interested in framing or mounting their quilt art?

bead it 4x6The third option is a follow-on to the Bead-It DVD.  I would show some bead embroidery techniques, edge treatments, and a different way to create a beaded bezel.

What do you think? Granted, I sort of think that a lot of things I teach are only interesting to a very small number of people. I’m pretty much OK with that. When I self publish I’m not really worried about how fast the publication actually sells. It won’t go out of print until I’m ready to be done with it.

I would really love your feedback!



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  1. All of the ideas are wonderful but I would be most interested in learning how to stretch my projects onto a frame. I’ve tried before but the results are not what I was looking for. I love displaying work this way as I’m pretty tired of “regular finishes.” I would also love to learn how to screen print more effectively. Again, I’ve had some practice but it’s pretty new to me and I am a person who needs direction! Thanks, and good luck on this.

  2. You had me when you said beading……I do beadwork jewelry and I have to look into doing beading on fabric.. I have to get your DVD…your work is beautiful…..thanks for the chance to win…

  3. I would love the Thermofax and mounting the art ones most. My vote might not count though, as I haven’t bought anything. I would if they were available as a download. By the time freight to New Zealand is added, DVDs become very expensive.

  4. I would love a DVD on different ways to finish and mount textile art.

  5. I think the options for mounting would be a good one because it seems that people who aren’t familiar with textile work can related better to it when it is framed or mounted in a way that is similar to more traditional art.

  6. Normajean Brevik says:

    I would love to see a book or DVD on framing fiber art. I’ve found the value of my art increases as soon as I put it in a frame but would like some guidance on the best and most archival friendly way to go about it.

  7. Ruth Camack says:

    I personally would be most interested in the beading.

  8. I agree that a DVD with finishing and mounting techniques would be useful. Every time I go to finish a quilt, I have to remind myself how to measure for facing. It would be great to have a DVD to watch the relevant chapter.

  9. I wish to know more about mounting and framing and think your ideas would help me. I vote for that DVD

  10. I am definitely interested in mounting and framing – maybe combined with other finishing methods, like facing vs. binding?


  11. Lovely ideas, and lovely sample photos you included. I would be most interested in the screen printing and textile art mounting videos, personally.

  12. My vote is with the mounting and framing textile art. You said that screen printing is already confirmed and I think they go together–a gift from each of my children.

  13. The dvd for mounting and framing textile art is a great idea!

  14. Doreen Kinkade says:

    Well, I have wanted to learn Screen printing for some time. So that would be my first pick.
    I own your beading dvd and love it. So beading would be my next pick. Framing would be next.
    Good luck with you venture….anything you do will be great.

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