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 Are you interested in learning how to add a little extra ooomph to your quilts with beads? Lyric’s instructional DVD will show you how. Lyric’s teaching style  is clear and easy to understand. She will show you how to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots of mess on the back. (Take THAT you Quilt Police!!)

See a video preview here.

Instructional DVD
24.95 plus shipping

International orders will be mailed via USPS first class. If you prefer another shipping method please contact Lyric for estimated shipping costs.

The Workshop is also available for online streaming at the FOLIO ACADEMY!

Want to get started NOW?
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“If you don’t know Lyric, you’ll love her style. She’s a born teacher (and in fact was voted “Teacher of the Year” by the International Association of Professional Quilters) and you’ll fall in love with her gentle guidance. She makes you feel as if you could do anything. I promise that there is something for everyone here. The DVD is well-crafted and the visuals are bright and easy to follow. You can see every little stitch as you follow along.” -Kelli Nina Perkins

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Looped Stack
Video Tutorial
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Her instructions are clear, and easy to understand and follow.  Even a complete novice would be able to work along with her and complete the stitches.

I want to give a shout out to Bonnie McCaffrey, who was the videographer for this project, and to congratulate both Bonnie and Lyric on a job well done.  Both the audio and video were clear and easy to watch and listen to. And I really appreciate the scene selection feature, so that viewers can easily go back to review a particular stitch.” -Larkin Van Horn



 “I wish this DVD had been around when I started beading my pieces. It would have saved me a lot of hair pulling and cursing when my beads came out, broke and didn’t mind me!” -Susan Sorrell


Instructional DVD
24.95 plus shipping
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