thermofax 101: instructional DVD

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Thermofax 101 DVD $19.95





Learn how easy it is to create your own screen printed cloth! Thermofax Screen Printing is easy, fun, and well within your reach.  Let fun-loving artist, Lyric Kinard, guide you through the basics of what, exactly, a thermofax screen is, and how it’s made. Then she helps you begin your own creative journey as she shows you how to find and design your own imagery and how and where to have a custom screen made for you if you don’t have your own machine. Learn all about the basic supplies you will need and then get printing! Lyric will explain the properties of textile paints, how to prepare, care for, and use your screens, and finally how to design and create your own beautiful cloth.


65 minutes of clear instruction

Chapters Include:
Getting Started: what is a thermofax screen
Finding Images: find and design your own
How to Print: printing techniques and tools
Designing: creating cloth with layered imagery

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  1. Very artistic, so lovely 🙂


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  6. […] Lyric is a great presenter, she is clear, easy to listen to and gives a really comprehensive overview covering everything from how a thermofax screen is made, taping or framing the screen, what type of images you can use and how you can find copyright free designs or create your own designs, to the different types of paint and other media you can use, how to print and look after your screens, and also some very useful information on design, layering related imagery and changing scale to create your own wonderful fabrics. The DVD is divided into chapters so you can find the relevant information easily. To purchase Thermofax 101 direct from Lyric, go here: […]

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