Call for Entry: Abstract-A-Licious, reality warps

June 8, 2015


thank you for participating

If you have taken my Abstract-A-Licious class you will be familiar with the exercise that I will be demonstrating. I’d like to highlight the fabulous variety of design results that can happen when you bring your own unique vision and experiences to a simple and direct set of instructions. With this exercise, everyone starts out with the same, very recognizable object: a pair (or two) of scissors.

Please follow all directions precisely in order to be included in the exhibition.

Step 1: Lay your scissors on a piece of white 9″ x 12″ tracing paper, trace around them. On the bottom right corner of your sheet write the number “1”.

Step 2: Remove your scissors and place a second piece of white 9″ x 12″ tracing paper on top of paper #1. Trace your design again but change something about it. Lengthen, shorten, bend, straighten, twist, flip, rotate, expand, contract, duplicate, delete! On the bottom right corner of your sheet write the number “2”.

Step 3: Remove the bottom piece of tracing paper and set it aside. Repeat step 2 at least two more times, numbering each paper in successive order. You should end up with a design that looks nothing like a recognizable pair of scissors! (How cool is that!?!) Please preserve each sheet of tracing paper.

Step 4: Using your last (or your favorite) design as a pattern or springboard, create an 8″ x 10″ finished art quilt. Use any techniques you prefer. Horizontal or vertical orientation is acceptable. Final artwork must fit into a 9″ x 11″ padded envelope for shipping so use embellishments wiseley.

Step 5: Go over your tracings (or trace them anew) with a black sharpie then place them in a file folder or large envelope to protect them from wrinkles and creases. If accepted for publication these will be shipped to Lyric and scanned. Make sure there are no stray pencil marks. Write your full name and the title of your piece on the file folder or large envelope.

Step 6:  Photograph your artwork and enter it via the link below. Please take the best picture you are able. Use a neutral background and fill the frame with your art. No fingers or yards or favorite grandchildren showing. Light it evenly and shoot straight on instead of at an angle so that the edges are square and not distorted. You want to present your work in the best possible way! Detail shots are optional. Label your files with your last name, title, and full or detail. [ex. Kinard_Scissors_full.jpg]

Step 7: Enter your quilt via the link below! There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit. There is no cost to enter. Accepted entrants are responsible for the cost of shipping to Cary, NC.


  • All entries will be exhibited in an online gallery at
  • Accepted entries will be considered for possible inclusion in a filmed segment of The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.
  • Accepted entries will be considered for inclusion in a forthcoming publication titled “Abstract-A-Licious.”
  • The creators of Lyric’s three favorite pieces will each receive an original hand-made 4″ x 7″ art postcard.


July 3, 2015  email entry form and .jpg of finished quilt to
July 8, 2015 accepted entries will be notified via email and posted at
July 17, 2015 accepted materials, including quilt and tracings, must arrive in Cary, NC as per shipping instructions that will be emailed with acceptance notifications
August 17, 2015 all quilts will be shipped back to their owners

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