2015 by Lyric Montgomery Kinard
40″ x 40″

printed, painted, stitched


Forms that focus the senses. Rhythms and patterns that animate the mind. The repetition of simple, sinuous shapes. The movement of eternity in a circle. The upward suggestion of a vertical line. Flow. Zen. I have found the voice that sings to my soul!


Juried Invitational: Affinity by D@8, International Quilt market & Festival Houston, TX October 2015

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  1. Janet palmer says:

    My husband and I purchased this quilt while attending the Chicago quilt festival last April. It is on our bedroom wall and I look at it every single morning and night. It continues to fill me with joy and peace. Thank you so much for your vision and I am so blessed to have it in my home. Janet Palmer

  2. Fits very well with your tales of the cycling you did with your daughter!
    Sandy in the UK

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