foil for fabric

Ready to SHINE?

Five sheets of metallic foil, 5″ x 12 silver, gold, copper, purple, turquoise
1 oz jar of foil adhesive (plenty to last!)

    Foil For Fabric    

    Gray Glue for Foil    


Fast! Fun! Fabulous!

Foil can be applied to cloth any way that you apply paint: screen printed, brushed, stamped, stenciled. You are limited only by your imagination.




  • Use washed and ironed cloth
  • Any fiber is acceptable as long as it can be ironed on “hot!”
  • Foil will adhere better to smoother, tightly woven fabrics

Gray Glue

  • Glue can be applied to your cloth any way that you can apply paint
  • print with stamps, screen print (make sure to wash screens quickly as glue dries very quickly), stencil, brush
  • Printing on cloth works best if you use a padded print surface such as a piece of craft felt
  • Allow gray glue to dry completely, overnight is best for thicker applications
  • A hair dryer can speed up the drying process



  • Lay a a solid heat proof surface such as a metal cookie sheet on top of your ironing board
  • Lay your fabric, glue side up onto the metal sheet
  • Lay foil COLOR SIDE UP on top of the glue
  • Use a piece of parchment on top to protect the foil until you figure out how hot your iron is
  • Scrape firmly with the edge of your iron, cotton setting – both heat and pressure are required
  • Let the fabric cool then peel away foil
  • Move foil and repeat the process for any areas that did not transfer
  • You can use the foil over and over until the foil sheet is entirely used up
  • Foil adhered to fabric is gently machine washable


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  1. Ginny Hoffman says:

    Can you use the foil as a base for machine felting?

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