Book Review and Giveaway: Art Quilt Collage

I introduced you to Deborah Boschert yesterday.
Now I’d like to introduce you to her first book.

Art Quilt Collage


I saw this and had to giggle because I know exactly what she’s feeling…. CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S HERE!!
Writing a book is a ton of work. You write and organize and write and make artwork for months.
Then all kinds of things happen with the editors. Then things get quiet. Then – IT ARRIVES! Look at how tight her fingers are on that book – you just know she is standing still for the picture just bursting like a puppy dog ready to jump all over the place!!!!

And this book is a sweet thing of beauty. There are all the usual art quilt chapters on supplies, construction techniques, and finishing. But i also has intriguing chapters on personal symbols, inspiration, and my favorite:

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 6.55.29 AM

 Deborah and I had a little chat about my favorite chapter in her book that you can watch here.

 You can order her book on Amazon here

Or if you really love the artist – Deborah has signed copies available in her Etsy shop. As a thank you for buying the book directly from her, she is giving away pieces of original surface designed fabrics with the first 50 sales. Here’s the etsy link. (And did you know – when you order from Amazon the author gets pennies. If you have the option ALWAYS buy directly from the artist.)
I will also be giving away a copy of the book on Sept 30th!
In order to enter the giveaway contest you need to leave a comment here on this blog. Make sure I have a way to contact you! I’ll pull a name from a hat on the morning of the 30th.
Tell me:

What is your most difficult issue with design?

You can learn about other chapters of the book and enter a comment for a chance to win a copy of Deborah’s book on each of these blogs until September 30th.
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September 30: Melanie Testa
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  1. My most difficult design issue is having the confidence to know the composition is working and not second guessing myself.

  2. Janet Johnson says:

    Design…. creating the right tension that will grab the viewer and drag ’em right in to my collage, quilt etc. So that a little bit of awe leaves and stays with them, even though they may not consciously realize what happened!

  3. I probably over think everything. I do like to limit my options/boundaries.

  4. Julie Hallquist says:

    The most difficult part of design for me is knowing when to stop. If it isn’t working I just keep adding, so having a list of diagnostic questions would be helpful.

  5. Merrie Jo schroeder says:

    Just getting started and letting the creative juices flow. I tend to over think what I want to do and sometimes give up before I’ve even started. Thanks for the giveaway

  6. The most difficult part of design for me is deciding on one design idea and following through with it. Maybe it’s actually editing myself. I tend to have too many ideas to put into one project.

    Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  7. My most difficult part of design is getting the Umpf in the design. The right spark to make you stop and look. I find art quilting fun and relaxing but I don’t do it very often.

  8. I have trouble abstracting designs. From what I’ve seen, this book should have some tips to help me be less literal. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Becki Morrison says:

    Clearing my mind so those creative juices can flow…then trusting myself

  10. Diane Beirwagen says:

    The most difficult art of design is when it isn’t working and I don’t know why, then it is trying this and that to get it to work.

  11. Barb Skinner says:

    I struggle with balance,spending too much time on the main subject and not knowing how to fill in the rest of the design so it is visually appealing.

  12. You blog gals are so prolific and creative! Thanks for sharing. The hardest part for me is giving myself permission to take time for this above all the other life tasks. But when i do, it feeds my soul.

  13. I’m enjoying going round the blog hop surrounding the release of this book.
    With design I find starting the hardest, and the belief that I can do it!

  14. Thanks for this opportunity, Lyric! Biggest challenge for me is working with scale and perspective in realistic drawing…especially with buildings!

  15. Lindy Wesney says:

    The most difficult part of design for me is not getting sidetracked by color. A color can make or break the design.

  16. My biggest design challenge is believing that I really CAN be an art quilter. Thanks to Deborah (and her in depth book), I was able to step outside my comfort zone and create an Art Quilt Collage. I’d love to win a copy for my guild’s library. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  17. Sometimes the most difficult part of design is just getting started. I love the talk of personal symbols and look forward to learning how to incorporate them in an art quilt.

  18. Love the work both you and Deborah create and follow both blogs. The hardest thing for me is to stop changing my mind and then re-doing something. I should learn from what I did and not think that I need to change everything. I’m looking forward to Deborah’s book.

    Do you have any plans to make more DVDs? I’d love to take your class on abstract art on DVD.

  19. JaniceCarole says:

    The most difficult thing for me is the fluidness of the piece. Does it flow? Is it choppy? Do the elements go together? So far I love what I am hearing about this book.

  20. Connie Haynes says:

    The hardest part for me is getting the idea out of my mind and onto a piece of paper. I can’t draw a straight line or a circle, so I usually jump right in. This causes a lot of false starts and dissatisfaction. I think some of the techniques in this book will help me with my execution.

  21. Kate Colleran says:

    The hardest part is making the vision in my head a reality!

  22. Charlotte Key says:

    My most difficult challenge with design is drawing. I can’t.

  23. I haven’t designed my own creations yet. Your book gives me inspiration to design, I think picking the fabric would be my first hurdle to overcome. Exciting possibilities. Thank you.

  24. Design? What’s that! I have no problem coming up with ideas for design…it’s pulling the plug & getting started with the “doing” that bogs me down. Would love this artsy collage book!!! <3 ***smiles***

  25. The most difficult issue with design for me is getting started. It is hard to narrow the focus of ideas.

  26. Many times when I start a new project it’s no problem at all. It seems the idea was just always there. But when it’s not, finding that inspiration and getting started is the most challenging. I’m always surprised on how pieces do come together, I only have to please myself, after all.

  27. When I sit down to designs a new project the hardest part is getting started, that is where my books, and computer come in…..I look around for a piece of inspiration, then I can let things flow from there. Thanks for the chance to win this book with all kinds of new ideas and inspiration!!! Happy Sewing

  28. Laura Austin says:

    Perspective is the toughest. Along with the self talk of I think I can, I think I can

  29. Getting started with the design is my most difficult issue with design.

  30. I’m still learning about design and composition in art quilts. I think composition is difficult and alsofiguring out what’s wrong with a piece. I can recognize when something’s not right but don’t always have the skill to fix things. Deborah’s knowledge would help me, I’m sure! Thank you.

  31. Not understanding or having the technology available to me is my biggest problem.

  32. The most difficult for me is not understanding or having available the technology to generate the images I want.

  33. Sounds like a super book! My struggle with design is color. Which ones do I use, do they ‘go together’? Do they have to? I usually end up usung the same colors. I know what I like when I see it, I’m just not sure how to get there on my own.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  34. When is it done? Thanks for the giveaway. The book looks great!

  35. My most difficult part of design is knowing how much to add and when it’s done. The book looks wonderful – thanks for the chance to win it.

  36. Barbara Roberts says:

    My most difficult is with color. I agonize over the smallest decisions with color.

  37. The hardest thing for me is knowing when to stop. I love to use buttons and bling, but when is enough enough? I tend to over-do.

  38. My most difficult part of design is knowing whether the design is balanced or how to get the movement around the piece a bit better. The design check list at the end of chapter you discussed sounds like it would be very useful for me. Thanks for these video conversations.

  39. One of the hardest thing is to know when it’s done. Thanks for the chance to win!

  40. My most difficult issue is trying to figure out what isn’t working. I can tell right away if I like or dislike a composition, however trying to figure out why I don’t like something and how to fix it is difficult for me.

  41. I always seem to get stuck somewhere in the composition and have a VERY difficult time pushing through; in fact, I often abandon the project.
    jlpfeffer at gmail dot com

  42. Composition! I put it on, I rearrange, I add more, it looks a mess, I start all over again! Thanks for the chance to win the book…sounds like a great one to add to a quilters library.

  43. I usually just don’t know when enough is enough. I keep wanting to add more.

  44. Hi, I loved your interview and comments. So excited about this book. We are having a signing at our fiber guild. Deborah is one of the nicest, sweetest people I know. And I love following your work as well. Wonderful!

  45. sometimes I focus too much on the details of design principles instead of looking wholistic ally at my work. And then the project gets stalled.

  46. I think that Deborah’s 8 design templates would not only help textile artists bring some unity to their compositions but would also give us a direction in which to start new works….so that we can avoid “the terror of the blank canvas.”

  47. Oh my, my most difficult issue with design is creating asymmetry. I love asymmetry in other people’s work yet when I try to accomplish it in my own, I really struggle. In trying to achieve balance (which is my norm), I can lose the asymmetry altogether or keep arranging until I drive myself crazy! Second most difficult issue? I tend to be too matchy matchy with my colors!

  48. Louise Wilson says:

    Lack of confidence. I see what other people do and think I can’t possibly do something as good as that. When I do make something that I put a lot of thought and fun into, I’m usually pleased with the result. I don’t have good drawing skills but I just try to think of my finished project as “wonky” or “quirky”.

  49. I seem to have such a hard time deciding on colors …. what goes together, what will add that pop to a quilt, have I used too many/not enough colors? Hmmm, maybe I am either very color challenged (definitely) or color blind. Guess I should check that out.

  50. Marsha Cochrane says:

    My most difficult issue with design is generating ideas… Where do you start? I look at so many books and photos online and yet yet I’m stuck with where to begin. Any reference material is so helpful and I would love to win a copy of Deborah’s book!

  51. This looks like a fabulous resource book! My biggest problem is getting started…i am a procrastinator…..sigh….but once I am rolling I find it hard to stop! I just need a push (okay maybe a big shove!) to get me going! (and coffee and chocolate….)

  52. I know I compose with basic good design in mind. I guess the hardest part for me is to commit to a design direction. Once in gear, I can’t stop. Then the editing becomes the issue.

  53. Karen Keeler says:

    Over working a piece. Trying to keep it balanced. ping balance to ensure. Just love your work.

  54. I am my own worst critic.

  55. I find trying to do random the most difficult thing. Secondly being satisfied with a piece.

  56. My difficult part is starting a piece!!

  57. Jo Vandermey says:

    My most difficult part of design is placing to much in the piece. I seem to be a more is more kind of gal which can really mess up a design.

  58. what is your most difficult issue with design? I am torn between “getting started” and”knowing when to stop.” Sometimes getting started is so easy because you are overwhelmingly inspired – but that is rare. Knowing when ‘it is enough’ and any more will just ruin it, is difficult too.

  59. Sheila Bales says:

    I am just learning to quilt and trying to find my stride as to what I want to learn more about. I do alot of hand needlework. I’m really enjoying the video chats on this book.

  60. I am really enjoying watching these interviews. I don’t know much about design principles so I really can’t say much about what is most difficult. I guess it would be my hesitation in believing them and not thinking that it is some formula to make my work look like the work of everyone else. I even have a hard time with rule of thirds in photograph composition!

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