Tutorial: Discharge Printing With Bubble Wrap

Do you love messing around with fabric as much as I do? The instant gratification of painting and discharging fabric is one of my favorite things about textiles as a medium.
Next week my on-line class Playing With Paint will be opening at QuiltUniversity.com. Here is a little sneak peak. This discharge technique is just one bonus out of the four jam packed lessons that you get when you sign up for the class. 
On-line classes are different than live classes of course. While you don’t get the face time – you do get interaction with me and the other students for a full six weeks. A new lesson opens up each of the first four weeks and then there are a couple of weeks of make-up time in case you don’t have time to get around to trying everything. And believe me – you can cram a lot more information into four written and illustrated lessons than you can in one live class. I’ll be there in the class forum each day commenting on the pictures posted in the gallery and to answer questions. Hope to see you there!
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  1. Jane LaFazio says:

    great tutorial Lyric!! you're ready for a career in voice-overs on TV and the movies!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. This looks like fun! I'm not sure at this point where I'd use it but the ideas are starting to swirl in my head!

  3. Wen Redmond says:

    nice- clear and a lovely result. Good to know the diff between using with painted vs dyed fabrics.

  4. Thanks for posting the tutorial! Looks fun and easy. I'm going to go check out the Quilt Univ. class to see what else you'll be doing!

  5. Judy Warner says:

    This is a really helpful video, Lyric, that makes me want to try the technique.

  6. Liz DeBellis says:

    O this is cool. I have not done a discharge print in a while, I know what I am doing this afternoon.

  7. This looks like something fun to try. Thanks for the tut and good luck with the class. You have beautiful hands btw.

  8. Karen Newman Fridy says:

    Nice job Lyric! Bubble wrap is fun to play with 🙂

    One comment to add about the Clorox Bleach pens…I LOVE them and use them in my classes all the time. They are easy to draw with and they have both a fine tip and a wider brush end. There is some student work up on my blog if anyone wants to see what can be done with the pen.

    One more tip – don't buy the knock off brands at the Dollar Store, they don't work. Splurge for the brand name on this one! NAYY

  9. I will definitely be hanging onto the bubble wrap as I unpack from moving. I really like the effect.

  10. Melly Testa says:

    Very Nice Tute!

  11. Lori – the great thing about on-line is that you can start it whenever you want to. There are two extra built in weeks to catch up. I would be fun to see you there.

  12. Great video – thanks. This makes discharging very approachable. Sure wish I could take your Quilt U. class net week, but I will be out of town. I will look for it to come up again!

  13. Ruth Anne Olson says:

    I haven't used the dishwasher liquid. What a good technique. The video is very good.

  14. Bird: parakeet. It's been kept in my daughter's room for 5 years and we just moved it downstairs. How do you train it not to eat the picture frames?

    Norma – bleach pen or straight bleach would work too – but they are very liquid and tend to bleed and wick all over the place. The gel is controllable.

    Then again – my motto is "go ahead and try it!"

  15. Lyric:

    Nice job of the photography and the wording. The birds and kids are a nice touch too. (Before I heard the birds I envisioned this happening indoors.)

  16. That looks like so much fun and your results are fabulous! Could I also use a Clorox Bleach pen that I have? I think that would act faster.

  17. Gloria Hansen says:

    Nice job, Lyric!

  18. Approachable Art says:

    Lyric, this is great. Watching you use this made me realize that I don't have to keep thickening bleach (which is a pain in the tush.) Thank you for this video, well done!

    What kind of bird is that I'm hearing? Too cute. 😉

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