almost ready to go….

Class supplies sorted?


(We won’t mention the weeks of sourcing and ordering supplies overseas – thanks Kerry!)


Class suitcase organized, packed, and weighed?



Ten billion things that I also want to bring that will never fit?

Who needs to wear clothes anyway?


I keep having this idea of sewing up a quick tote bag. My American carry-on is too large and the limit is 15lbs anyway. I’m told they actually weigh it. I’ll tell you a secret. Because I’ve never had my carry-on weighed in the states it often weighs more than my checked bags. This is going to be a challenge!

Now the final scramble. Find my favorite swim top. Pick up my new glasses – it will be delightful to be able to see, won’t it? Finish up errands that will keep my children cared for while I’ve abandoned them. Deep tissue massage to undo a knot or two before I crunch down into a plane. Maybe i’ll get out a newsletter. (My apologies for not having time to update the calls for entry list.)

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