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tutorial: valentine’s day origami heart garland

kinard_origami_heart_garland3If you missed the tutorial on how to fold these sweet little origami hearts, just scroll down. The post should be right next to this one.



Here is a short video showing how I strung the hearts together to make a garland. I’ve used pearl cotton embroidery thread but you can use whatever decorative cord you wish.

 I had extra painted pages so I thought I’d package them up for you.


I have just a few packs. 5 sheets each – just shy of 4″ x 8″each. Red on one side and white on the other.  I threw in some pearle cotton and a needle so you don’t even have to hunt around to find something to string your hearts onto.

$12.00 plus $1.50 shipping (US only)


tutorial: valentine’s day origami heart


I thought I’d share a sweet and very doable project with you for Valentines day. This easily folded (I promise!) origami heart has a lovely little flower in its center.

kinard_origami_heart_garland4I have a collection of sheet music that I use for collage and origami projects. These pages were painted red on one side and white on the back.

Here is a quick (under 5 minutes) video of folding the hearts.


Tomorrow I will post a short video of how I strung them together.


 I had extra painted pages so I thought I’d package them up for you.


I have just a few packs. 5 sheets each – just shy of 4″ x 8″each. Red on one side and white on the other.  I threw in some pearle cotton and a needle so you don’t even have to hunt around to find something to string your hearts onto.

$12.00 plus $1.50 shipping (US only)



origami earrings

Over the holiday a few of my children and I would spend time here and there folding origami paper into this and that. Stars, flowers, birds, and hearts were the most popular.JPEG image-A6C0F0289372-1

I got a little carried away and decided to see if I could make some miniature cranes and then make them into earrings. Want some? I made a pair in my favorite color then made several extra.

kinard_origami_crane_earrings_blue3$20 includes domestic shipping – purchase this pair here.


Each pair measures about 1.5″ from beak to tail and hangs at about 1″ from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the crane.

You can purchase the white origami crane earrings here for $20 (includes domestic shipping)


kinard_origami_crane_earrings_grey1You can purchase the grey origami crane earrings HERE for $20 (includes domestic shipping.)


kinard_origami_crane_earrings_pple4You can purchase the purple origami crane earrings here for $20 (includes domestic shipping)


tutorial: origami 5 part star



And here are step by step photos if you weren’t quick enough to fold along with the video.
Seriously – all you need is a little more caffeine to go that fast, right!?

kinard_5pt_star_tute1Begin with 5 rectangles (half a square)

kinard_5pt_star_tute2Fold one rectangle in half the long way

kinard_5pt_star_tute3Unfold and fold two corners in to meet the line

kinard_5pt_star_tute4Fold one corner in on the other side

kinard_5pt_star_tute5Fold your point in to meet that corner

kinard_5pt_star_tute6flip the paper over and unfold that one corner

kinard_5pt_star_tute7fold the two corners in to meet the center line again

kinard_5pt_star_tute8repeat, folding in the two corners again
(it feels like a paper airplane)

kinard_5pt_star_tute9flip the paper over again so you can see the pointed flap

kinard_5pt_star_tute11fold the flat edge up under the flap

kinard_5pt_star_tute12repeat, folding the edge up again

kinard_5pt_star_tute13repeat again, creasing the fold tightly

kinard_5pt_star_tute14make five more of these units

kinard_5pt_star_tute16take two units, and notice the pocket here

kinard_5pt_star_tute17slide one unit’s strip into that pocket

kinard_5pt_star_tute18flip the units over

kinard_5pt_star_tute19tuck the second strip into the back/point pocket

Kinard_origami_5pt_star1repeat with the rest of the units until all five are tucked into each other.

TA DA!!!!

Kinard_origami_5pt_star3This star works perfectly with paper money.
If you are giving cash as a gift this is a lovely way to do it.


It looks just as pretty from the back.



tutorial: origami 8 part star “robin”

I love origami. Because I also love music I get a kick out of folding ornaments out of a few old piano books I found. It still feels a little sacrilegious to cut them up but the results are a thing of beauty.


Play along with me as I create this star

The origami Robin Star was designed by Maria Sinayskaya


Here is the star with plain, rather than gold painted paper.


And here is the star folded in variation #2 as shown in 
this most excellent diagram

For Your Inspiration: Origami

I am simply in awe of this artist.

Awe – noun

Origami Joel on Flickr



Joel’s work can be found at MakersMarket and on Etsy

What I’ve been up to….

It’s long past Christmas and the world has moved on, but I  thought I’d share a few links anyway. In 2015 I got a little carried away with origami stars… something that I’ve been toying with for a number of years. Stars symbolize several things to me… light in the darkness, wishes and hopes, and guidance toward goals.When it is very dark outside I love to look up and see that the sky is still there. Sometimes I can see a familiar constellation – sometimes it is just a twinkling smattering of light. When I can see the stars I can see beauty.

Here is a link to the blog post showing this star (my fall time favorite) in process along with a link to the video tutorial I followed.

Children wish on stars. (Anyone else singing like Jiminy Cricket here?) I have wishes and hopes and dreams. I choose to hope, to believe in good triumphing over evil. Perhaps it’s childish but it helps me through the days.
Here is a video tutorial in case you want to make this 8 part Robin Star.

Stars symbolize guidance and hopelessly out-of-reach goals that get you to an amazing place anyway. You never actually expect to reach the North Star when you follow it do you? yet you walk in it’s path and reach a mountaintop right?

This year I didn’t have time to make another tutorial although I met with a group of local women and I showed them how to make the five pointed star as a tree ornament. Here is a video tutorial in case you’d like to make your own. 

I decided that making an origami star was a great way to use the maps and tour guides from various trips. I’m not sure if this picture shows the Paris Subway star or the Mesa Verde, CO map star. Then – one day while I really should have done something else…. I went entirely overboard.

Kusudama Electra sphere designed by David Mitchell
The link leads to a video tutorial that isn’t in english but is very clear and slow – thank you “Easy Origami” for sharing your work.

I made the units for the red sphere here much by cutting each origami square into quarters so the finished star is much smaller than my first one. I admit that my stars are still up. I took down the garland and the Christmas tree quilt, but the stars bring my a spot of hope when I walk by them.

I see them and I wish for peace, and hope, and kindness. Then I go out and see what I can do to make it happen. My own North Star…….

What do you wish?

oops – sold out


kinard_painted_paper1I encourage you to find your own fabulous vintage paper and paint it! You can make wonderful things!

Here is the tutorial link for making your own heart garland.


tutorial: braided corona star

I spent half a day ignoring all the “shoulds” on my list.
The result was this spectacular piece of origami.Kinard_origami_braided_corona_star6

Braided Corona Star
origami designed by Maria Sinayskaya


I have a collection of old sheet music that I use for just such purposes.

Kinard_origami_braided_corona_star1For this project I used 8 pages. Four were painted red, four white. The back of all 8 were painted gold.

Kinard_origami_braided_corona_star9After the paint dried I ironed each sheet nice and flat then cut them perfectly square.

Kinard_origami_braided_corona_star4There were several steps along the way with this star where I was completely smitten…

Kinard_origami_braided_corona_star5… in love with the geometry and beauty of this feat of simple yet complex engineering.

You can find Maria’s step by step and easy to follow video tutorial here:

I went back in with more paint after the star was finished and cleaned up some of my messy paint.



bead it like you mean it

Beaded Looped Stacks

Beaded Looped Stack Video


A Useful Knot: Christmas Ornament


Beaded Felt Ball Ornament 


Beaded Fringe


Ribbon Wrist Strap






























byartist8 Stretched on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas
SoarII.400px Mounted on a Gallery Wrapped Canvas
kinard_satin_stitch_edge_tute_05  Satin Stitched Edges for Small Art Quilts




















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ArtSpark’s Winter Tute List 
Snowflake Pinwheel Ornament 
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ArtSpark’s Tutorial Tsunami









Citrasolv Photo Transfer Method
Picture 14
Choosing a photo
Finding copyright free vintage photos
Copyright Free Vintage Photos on Flickr 
Copyright Free vintage photos Wikimedia Commons
Copyright Free Vintage Photos – LOC
Photoshop Elements for Photo Transfer:
Part 1 – punching up the contrast
Part 2 – deleting a background
Part 3 – removing spots and lightening a dark background
People of color examples
Further examples





















sdspbooks thumb Sketchbook Slipcover
kinard_applique_with_tape How to Stitch Hand Appliqué
photo-7  Sew a decorative hanging pocket

How to Thread an old Elna Sewing Machine

























You can see lots of THERMOFAX video tutorials here at THIS LINK.









thermofax_foil_valentines Thermofax + Foil = Fun
IMG_7400 How To Paint Your Shoes
IMG_5871 Screen Printed Valentine
photo-7 Tape a Thermofax Image to a Frame for Screenprinting
IMG_8164 Discharge Printing With Bubble Wrap
photo-5 Stamp Carving
pof 4x6 Citra-Solv Photo Transfer
 photo-1  Thermofax Screen Print Cat Pillow
 zebra threshold light How to edit a photo for a thermofax screen 


Miscellaneous Tutorials

Design Basics
Creating Depth and Space pt 1
Creating Depth and Space pt 2
Creating Depth and Space pt 3
IMG_6585 How to Draw a Celtic Knot

Use the embroidery floss, or thread and poke your needle into the tip and make a loop for hanging the ornament. To make it super simple you could tape the loop on or even use an ornament hook.

Pinwheel Snowflake Ornament
02.01.11web How to Draw a Face
kinard_origami_robin_star 8 Part “Robin” Origami Star
Kinard_origami_5pt_star1 5 Part Origami Star
kinard_origami_heart.01 Origami Heart
kinard_origami_heart_garland3 Origami Heart Garland
transfer a photo to watercolor paper



For Your Inspiration: Snowflakes

Artist Spotlight part 2: Judy Coates Perez – Teaching

You know I love teaching – the amazing interactions that happen between students and their work and the teacher are inspiring. I’ve watched Judy teach and think she has a gift. If you are going to be in Long Beach at the IQF show next week – run, don’t walk – to sign up for one of her classes!

Judy Coates Perez  on teaching
I try to teach skills, techniques and how to use various media so that people have more options for making their art. I think the more tools you have under your belt the better equipped you will be to communicate your idea or vision. I love working with people and helping them to achieve their creative goals, make the art they envision and unleash their creativity.

International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

Thursday, July 22
Mixed Media Painted Fabric
Using textile paints, gel medium and decorative printed paper images create a fun versatile fabric that can be used to make tote bags, fabric bowls, vessels, sculptural objects or book cloth.

Friday, July 23- 10 am-12 pm Open Studios
3pm- MIU workshop: 
Embossed Metal Origami Pop Up Book
Using aluminum craft metal, simple embossing, alcohol inks and paper we will create a fun little art book, using the fundamentals of origami to create expanding pop up pages. These are so cool, easy to make and they make awesome little gifts. 

Friday July 23, 6-9 pm
Fiesta Ornaments 
Inspired by Mexican tin folk art, these fun and festive ornaments incorporate painting with textile paints, quilting, embossing and sewing metal.

Saturday, July 24
Painting Fabric for Whole Cloth Quilts
From adding details, dimension or shadow to creating fully illustrated scenes, paint offers endless 
opportunities for creating special effects on fabric. Working with various types of fabric paints you will learn different techniques for applying paint to fabric, creating smooth gradations of color and adding fine lines and details.

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