Custom Thermofax Screens

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Untitled-1Guidelines for sending your own artwork

  • Order the number, configuration, and size of screen with the buttons above.
  • E-Mail jpgs or pdf to after you place your order.
  • Label your file with your name, a description, and the exact size you want the image (not including the white area around it) to print at. example: Kinard_bird_3.5×5.7
  • Please send a high quality jpg or a pdf file. If you send me a 20kb image and ask for a large screen you will get nothing but a pixilated mess. For print quality a resolution of 300 dpi is best. Here is a tutorial for sizing your screens correctly. Please pay attention to the chart below for size limitations.
  • Black and white images only please. Shades of gray don’t always turn out as you wish them to. Here is a tutorial for turning your doodle into a thermofax ready image. Try playing with the “THRESHOLD” filter in your digital editing program. Remember that if you make a mistake you an hit “ctrl Z” and it will undo what you just did. Here is a great Photoshop Elements Tutorial to help you with the process of turning a photo into a screen.
  • I can do your Photoshop work for you for a fee – please inquire.
  • You can also snail-mail your design with a printed order form and a check. All marks on the paper will show up on the screen so be careful to look for dots and specs.
  • Please keep each design within the size limit for each screen: small 3 x 4, medium 4 x 7, large 7 x 9.5
  • Please send only original or copyright free artwork.
Size Image Only Image+Frame Print Ready
max image size  3×4
$4.00 $6.00 $9.00
max image size  4×7
$6.00 $9.00 $12.00
max image size  7×9.5
$.8.00 $13.00 $16.00







What do I get when I order?

Image Only Image + Frame Print Ready
image imageframe
Many people don’t mind printing without a frame. The mesh will curl so you need to stabilize it. Simply “bind” all four edges with duct tape  and you are good to go. I prefer using a frame because you can pick up the screen and move it with one hand. Order this if you would like to tape the mesh onto the frame yourself. If you’d prefer to rip your screen out of the package and print immediately then order it mounted. I mount your screens with waterproof duct tape on BOTH SIDES of the frame. I find that the double sided sticky tape just doesn’t last as long for me. Also – with the tape on both sides you can print with your screen facing either way.

Custom – image only
file name

Custom – image + frame
file name

Custom – print ready
file name


If you prefer not to use Paypal, please print and fill out this order form and mail a check.

photo 4-1

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