Hiring Information

WHAT KIND OF WORKSHOP does your group want?

Learn painting/dyeing techniques that you can practice and use in your work at home.

Learn design fundamentals. You can learn to think and see and create like an artist!!! (Yes, I’m talking to YOU!)

Create a small art quilt or book cover – but only if you want to. These classes still focus primarily on learning new techniques, which you can apply to a small project during class if you choose to.

Lyric brings almost everything for you and/or an optional kit is offered so students don’t have to worry about bringing the “right” supplies.

Please e-mail Lyric for details about workshops.

These classes work perfectly for multi-day classes or in a retreat setting. Please inquire for details.

  • The Elements of Art for Quilters: A Basic Design Intensive
  • Masterclass for Quilters: A Design Intensive
  • Surface Design Sampler Platter: boost it up to an entree per day
  • Playing With Paint: A Design Intensive

These classes fit nicely into 3 hours.

Learn sewing techniques and come home with a block ready to be made into a quilt or small wallhanging. Students can also alter a ready-to-wear garment or work on their own garment pattern.

  • Apli-Punto To Go 3 or 6hrs (currently retired class – inquire if you are interested and we can talk!)

Who anyone ready for a really great time?

Lyric has taught everything from huge conferences to private studio lessons.

Why because you really want to have fun!

Let Lyric bring her passion for sparking the creativity in others to you!

When at your convenience!

Lyric takes a limited number of gigs on a first come, first served basis, although she does not lecture or teach on Sunday.

Where here, there, or anywhere!

STUDIO WORKSHOPS are available for those who wish to come to Cary, NC. Get together with your friends and contact me to schedule a date. The fee is $75.00 per student for up to 8 students with a minimum fee of $400 for a 6 hour class. I’ll send out an e-mail to my lists to advertise the class if you wish. If we are able to find 8 people to fill the class your fee will be waived!

How much does it cost?

Fees 2017/18:
6 hour class: $775/$800
3 hour class: $500 /$550
Lectures: $525/$550
Some classes have additional supply fees.
Non-refundable booking fee: $100.00 (deducted from class fee)

Download a copy of Lyric’s 2017 contract here: PDF version DOC version
Download a copy of Lyric’s 2018 contract here: PDF version  |  DOC version


Why a higher cost per hour for a 3 hour class? Because it takes me as long to prepare for and set up a 3 hour class as it does for a 6 hour class. It’s pretty typical to spend a full day prepping (making kits, ordering supplies, packing and shipping) for every class I teach.

Will you stay with a guild member to save on hotel costs? Sure. I do require a private room and bathroom and no smoking or pets. I have enough annoying allergies that if I sleep in a house with pets I’ll be coughing and wheezing and snarky and tired all the next day. That’s not fun for me or the students in class! You can find a “care and feeding of lyric” F.A.Q. here.

What are your lectures like? Click here to read a full description of my lectures and requirements. Two are powerpoint/slide type lectures. I bring my own equipment but you will need to have a room that can darken and have a screen or wall for me to project onto. The wearable art lecture can be turned into a really fun participants fashion show added into the wearables I have made.

Please e-mail Lyric for details about workshops.