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Bead It Like You Mean It

BE INSPIRED and get creative as fun-loving artist Lyric Kinard guides you through the basics of beaded embellishment on cloth. 

Make straight or curved solid lines, split or join them, or simply add one bead at a time. Cage a beautiful cabochon, or get silly with stacks, the perfect finish for your favorite funky flowers. 

Are you a quilter? Foil the quilt police and learn to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots or mess on the back.

All of these video based lessons will be yours to access permanently in this open-access course. Lesson one opens January 17th, 2018 in this premier run of the course, with one lesson opening each week afterwards. 

After that – all lessons will be available immediately and permanently for new registrants.

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If you’ve looked with secret longing at the world of Abstract Art but have no idea where to begin, this is the class for you.  Lessons consist of  concrete design exercises that are clear and easily understood as well as ample encouragement from an award winning teacher. You don’t need to have drawing or design skills as this course is designed to inspire and teach  both the timid beginner and the confident creative. Lyric’s easily followed  instructions  lead you to create  your own unique and original abstract compositions.

This course includes space for you to share your pictures and get feedback from your classmates. The more you contribute, the livelier class will be.  Lyric will give feedback on each picture posted. This platform provides a safe space for a lively and sharing creative community to explore without judgement and competition.

This scheduled course runs twice per year.
One lesson opens each week with a gap week after lesson four.
Lyric interacts with students as they post their work in the classroom.
Lyric’s involvement in the class will end on September 30th but students will have continued access to the lessons.
Registration is Opens in February 2018

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Picture It Framed

UPGRADE YOUR ART by learning a variety of professional presentation options for textiles. Award winning artists, Lyric Kinard shows you mounting and framing options. Learn which factors to consider to present your work in the best possible light.

This new course will have four video lessons.
The first time it runs one lesson will open each week beginning June 19th, 2017
This an open-access course – meaning that once all lessons are posted after August 2017 new registrants will have instant access to all lessons.

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The Artist’s Eye

In this one-on-one basic design intensive, individualized coursework is designed to help YOU see your artwork in a whole new way.  As you learn to systematically analyze your work using the Elements and Principles of art as your foundation, you will begin to understand your own unique design process. Becoming fluent in the visual language lets you critique your composition in process and arrive more quickly at a successful design.

This is a highly personalized course with individual lessons meeting each student’s needs and ability.
Each student has their own classroom, available permanently.
Extremely limited enrollment allows for one-on-one instruction.
Students will have access to a private Facebook group for student interaction.
Group and on-on-one video conferences.

Next course scheduled for January 10 – February 24, 2018
registration opens October 15th, 2017
early bird pricing $485 ends November 15th
full price $525

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