art for sale: ammonite series


Ammonite Tryptich
Three 20″ x 20″ canvases
mixed media on canvas
You can find out more about the creation of this artwork here.




35″ x 45″
dyed, printed, discharged, painted, stitched
You can find out more about the creation of this artwork here.



ammonite_2_517px ammonite_1_517px

Ammonite I

7″w x 5″h
Framed at 10”w x 8”h
Hand-dyed fabric, Fossil
Stitched, Embroidered

Ammonite II

7″w x 5″h
Framed at 10”w x 8”h
Hand-dyed fabric, Fossil
Stitched, Embroidered




Ammonite V
8″ x 10″




Ammonite VII
10″ x 15″




Three Shells
8 ½ “w x 10″h
Hand-dyed fabric, shells, foiled, stitched

an invitation: the NC Artists Exhibition


If you are anywhere close to the area next Sunday, March 2nd, I’d like to personally invite you to this wonderful event.
Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 4.59.54 PMOne of my pieces will be on display.

Ammonite Dream
35″ x 45″


You can read a little bit about an “adventure” I had in creating this piece here.


showing your work

I got a “fat envelope” today.
I love the word “congratulations!”IMG_7999

It’s from a show that I’ve entered at least four times without ever being accepted. There are a few shows that I keep trying to get into even if I know my chances are slim – just because they are either very prestigious or have a really great venue. This is the Raleigh Fine Art Society juried show. Raleigh isn’t a huge city, but it is nice. And the venue for this exhibit is NICE!
memorial-auditorium-Raleigh1-676x450The Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts houses four theaters and is the home of the symphony, ballet, and lots of the big cultural performances (and lots of the little ones too) that come through town. The walls are always hung with lots of art and people wearing fancy clothes look at the art before the show and during intermissions. That’s an exciting thing.

Dream_600pxI haven’t really been gung-ho about entering my quilts in national shows over the past number of years. I’m thinking about it and it must be at least five or six years, maybe eight (can it possibly be that long!?!?) since I had as much of my work as I could get out there in rotation to various quilt and art shows. I got tired of it. Lots of paperwork and packaging and shipping. So I’ve entered pieces as I felt like it in local art shows. I’ve also been honored to be included in several invitational shows such as the ones sponsored by Leslie Tucker Jennison and Jamie Fingal over at Dinner@8.

So this surprise acceptance (I’ve come to think of my jury fee as a charitable donation) has set off some musings that I think I’ll share with you over the next little while. What kind of shows do YOU enter… and WHY?

I’d love it if you joined the conversation. Ask me any questions you have. Share your opinions. Pull up a comfy chair, grab a cup of something yummy (my current favorite is herbal ginger lemon tea) and let’s chat!

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