Art + Quilt, Lyric’s book on basic design

Lyric’s book on the basic elements and principles of art can help YOU to be an artist!
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In this book, Lyric delves deeply into the building blocks that make up the visual language,  simplifying the basic elements of art and teaching the underlying principles of good design. You will be guided through an exploration of texture, shape, line, color, and value with examples and hands-on exercises. Essential principles–such as focal point, balance, repetition, scale, and unity–are paired with creativity exercises while guest essays, guest artwork, and inspiring artwork from the author allow readers to analyze how other artists utilize key artistic elements. You will learn how to successfully use these elements in order to bring your own work to a new level of artistic excellence.

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“Lyric Kinard’s book Art + Quilt, Design Principles and Creativity Exercises is an absolute treasure. If you haven’t added this book to your library already, here are a few reasons why you should. Her writing style is gentle, encouraging, almost an embrace but like a good friend she also knows when to push and when to nudge. There are no excuses! And this makes for an even better creative ride.

Lyric’s style is permissive and encouraging. She reminds us that we are all creative whether organizing our household or daring to embrace our own artistic selves, the basics are all within our grasp and ready to be shared with the world. Lyric breaks down the key aspects of art into 5 categories, Texture, Shape, Line, Color and Value and provides prompts to explore each idea.

Once these ideas are integrated into your repertoire, Lyric expands on these ideas by discussing some basic artistic principles; focal point, depth and space, motion and rhythm, to name just a few. She does all of this while peppering the text with ideas taken from major works of art, reminding you to place one foot in front of the next in order to become an artist in your own right, inspired by your very own experiences, armed with the basic concepts and ideas to keep you motivated, one piece of art at a time.

One of the best things about this book is the design game on pages 88 and 89. Just take your copy to a decent copy shop, ask them to print these two pages off onto card stock, cut them down to playing card size and play! Another great thing is that this book comes with a perfect binding that conceals a spiral that will stay flat as you work your way through Lyric’s exercises. It is a true workbook.” – Melanie Testa

I understand that new books can be expensive. I order used books on Amazon all the time. (I try to order new books from the author if available, or a brick and mortar store if possible. Did you know authors get almost nothing from amazon orders?) If you want to order my book from Amazon you can follow this affiliate link and then I will get a small percentage. Thanks a million!


new work: accession, something added

I’m so very pleased to announce that 

Accession: something added

30″ x 50″
cloth, dye, paint, thread

has been accepted into The Best of Dinner at Eight Artists: Celebrating 10 Years of Exhibitions. Each artist selected a theme from the last 9 years for what will be our last exhibition. The exhibit is sponsored by Havel’s Sewing and will premier at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas in November of 2018.


New Work: Essence

I am greatly honored to be included among the talented list of artists that have work accepted for 


An exhibit sponsored by the Dinner @8 crew of
Leslie Tucker Jennison
Jamie Fingal

40″ x 40″
printed, painted, stitched




The exhibit will be shown at the International Quilt Market (Oct 24-26) and Festival (Oct 28-Nov 1) in Houston; Sponsored by Havel’s Sewing.
Forty art quilts, 40×40 = 40x40x40

Work in progress: xox on the road

We are on the road again…. although this time we flew to Utah then started driving. 

Time in the car and on the plane has been well spent.


work in progress: something whimsical and very pink

art_quilt_pinkA little stitch here, a little stitch there.

ten by ten

several series, all in a 10″ x 10″ gallery wrapped format
2012 & 2013

image image
image image

dyed, screen printed, stitched, embroidered


image image
image image
image image

kisses and hugs
dyed, screen printed, appliqued, stitched, embroidered


image image
image image
image image

time flies
dyed, screen printed, stitched, embroidered


image image
image image

dyed, screen printed, stitched, embroidered

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