Online Course: Bead It Like You Mean It part 2

I’ve been hard at work putting together a new course for my fellow bead-a-holics.



EXPAND YOUR CREATIVITY as Lyric Kinard takes you beyond the basics of bead embroidery. Build on what you learned in Bead It Like You Mean It pt. 1 and learn new dimensional beading techniques that jump right off the surface. Wrap cords or walk a line of seeds over a bugle bead bridge. Try out a beautiful Gourd stitch to attach a cabochon or go right over the edge as you add beaded borders to your cloth. Loop your stacks or turn them into crazy twisted or banged fringes.

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Lesson 1: The Beaded Edge

materials and preparation
dotted edge
beaded blanket stitch
picot edge (two layer beaded edge)
bead wrapped corded edge

Lesson 2: Funky Stacks & Fringes

looped stacks
matting and framing your work
branched stacks or fringes
spiral stack or fringes

Lesson 3: Dimesnsional Bead Embroidery

bead wrapped couched cord
flat beaded belt
standing bugles go wild

Lesson 4: Beaded Bezel

gourd on the ground beaded bezel

registration is open now
course never closes
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Tutorial: Bead Looped Stacks

It’s bead overload month – and I hope to bring you several tutorials that will augment the techniques shown in my DVD Bead It Like You Mean It. Just for fun. And because I love YOU.

I love hand work. Not because I have endless amounts of patience and love peaceful hours of meditative stitchery. Sounds blissful but it’s no part of the reality of mothering five children.

I love to bead because it fits into the five minutes I’m sitting in the carpool line. A stitch stays put when you need to jump up and change a diaper. A tin of beads and a bit of cloth can travel with you during endless hours at music lessons and soccer practice.

Did you see those lovely little loopy yellow beads in the first picture? They are just toooo much fun to play with and I though I’d share how to create them with you.

I’ve started with a fun fabric flower, cut, fused, and stitched to a piece of craft-fuse.

I decided to outline the petals in a contrasting color of beads. Itty bitty size 15 rocailles in this case. I’m using a size 11 applique needle and nymo beading thread. I find that beading needles aren’t quite strong enough to sew through more than one layer of fabric without bending in half.

Knot your thread well and bring your needle up right where you want your loopy stack to sit. Give your thread a tug to make sure it’s not going to pop through the fabric.

Slide one bead down the thread. I’m using a green size 6 seed bead.

Load your needle with size 11 seeds, I’ve used ten of them. Take your needle back down through the hole of the base bead to the back of the fabric then pull it tight. Repeat the process to create as many looped stacks as you wish, knotting your thread tightly into the back every few stacks.

You can have lots of fun varying the length of the loops, the sizes of the beads, or even making each looped stack into a beaded fringe. (Tutorial here)



If you liked this tutorial I know you would love my online course:

open access to all lessons on registration


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BE INSPIRED and get creative as fun-loving artist Lyric Kinard guides you through the basics of beaded embellishment on cloth. 

Make straight or curved solid lines, split or join them, or simply add one bead at a time. Cage a beautiful cabochon, or get silly with stacks, the perfect finish for your favorite funky flowers. 

Are you a quilter? Foil the quilt police and learn to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots or mess on the back

All of these video based lessons will be yours to access permanently in this open-access course. Lesson one opens January 17th in this premier run of the course, with one lesson opening each week afterwards. 

After that – all lessons will be available immediately for new registrants.

beads and beading supplies


TQS-Bead_Kit_10photo-4If you’d like to order Lyric’s instructional DVD: Bead It Like You Mean It and get right down to business, order a cabochon and a Beautiful Bag of Beads! The BBoB includes a bobbin of Nymo or C-lon beading thread and a #11 Appliqué needle.

All are the highest quality Japanese beads, including the lovely and hard to find Miyuki twisted bugle beads (Lyric’s favorite!)

Please be advised that ALL cabochons are one of a kind and are not the same size. Most of the bead kits are one of a kind too. Please order only one of each item. 

beautiful bag of beads 1
includes nymo & needle


beautiful bag of beads 2
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 3
includes nymo & needle


glass cabochon 1


glass cabochon 2


polymer cabochon 3



beautiful bag of beads 4
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 5
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 6
includes nymo & needle



glass cabochon 4


polymer clay
cabochon 5

dichroic glass cabochon 6

beautiful bag of beads 7
includes nymo & needle


beautiful bag of beads 8
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 9
includes nymo & needle

beads4  Lyric_Kinard_cabochon_9
glass cabochon 7


glass cabochon 8


glass cabochon 9



beautiful bag of beads 10
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 11
includes nymo & needle

beautiful bag of beads 12
includes nymo & needle



glass cabochon 10


glass cabochon 11


glass cabochon 12



FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-6

 glass cabochon 13


 glass cabochon 14


polymer cabochon 15


beading_thread_neutral  straw_needles
c-lon beading thread
black, white, grey, gold
size AA (thinnest)

c-lon beading thread
yellow, red, blue
turquoise, green, grey
(size AA thinnest)

 size 11 straw needles (appliqué)
Lyric’s preferred beading needle
16 per tube


















getting ready to film: a beaded jungle

Yet another day where a project got out of hand.

What began with this…kinard_beaded_jungle1

ended up going here.Kinard_beaded_jungle2

This keeps happening. It’s not necessarily a bad thing – just kind of funny when I am in the middle of a time crunch. What is it about a deadline that makes a project want to go insanely complex instead of keeping it as simple as possible?Kinard_beaded_jungle3

work in progress: cabochons

a week of travelpoymer_cabochons_lyric_kinard3

the first week of school and a week of book keeping and accountingpoymer_cabochons_lyric_kinard14

a week of work for the PTApoymer_cabochons_lyric_kinard1

I needed some time to playpoymer_cabochons_lyric_kinard2

These are polymer clay cabochons and faces. I suppose I could drill holes in some of them and call them beads but that hasn’t happened yet. Since these are meant for sewing on cloth and adding a beaded bezel (which you can learn to do in my Bead It Like You Mean It DVD) I added a rim around many of the cabochons. They still need a little polishing and perhaps varnish but it was fun to get my hands into something.

student spotlight: picture it framed

Some of my classes get taught all the time, some only occasionally. Picture It Framed is a class that is seldom chosen by guilds and I had completely forgotten how much fun it is!

Lisa_DodsonLisa Dodson

The Illini Country Stitchers are a happy and fabulous group of women who were a blast to have in class! Maggie_SzafranskiMaggie Szfranski

We spent the morning learning beading techniques and creating a small art quilt then painted gallery wrapped canvases to mount them on. DiannePedersenDianne Pedersen

I also demonstrated a whole bunch of different framing and mounting methods. IMG_0223

Tutorial Redux – Beaded Fringe (and another giveaway)

I thought I’d share this tutorial with you again since it goes along with the last post. this isn’t the same instructions that are in the book but it does involve gadget cases.

Isn’t it funny how quickly tech gadgets are outdated!? I sent in these little cases for Quilting Arts Magazine for the “Glam-To-Go for Gadgets” article. They didn’t use the case I actually spent the most time making – no worries. It’s perfect for showing you one of my favorite techniques to play with – beaded fringes!


  • Something to add fringe to: gadget case, scarf, your husbands favorite necktie. In any case it will need to have enough “oomph” to support the fringe. In this instance, the fringe will be supported by the satin stitched bottom edge of the case. For a scarf I like to add a tiny bit of cording or seam tape or ribbon (depending on the weight of the scarf) inside of a rolled hem.
  • Beading thread (I love Nymo) and a beading needle (or a size 11 applique needle.)
  • Seed beads and other larger beads. Make sure the holes in the larger beads are not so big that the seed beads sink into them. If they are you’ll need to put medium beads next to the large holed beads.

1 – Make your knot. Thread your needle, bring it in through the case and out on the edge of the satin stitching. Leave the tail of the thread hanging out. Wrap the thread (not the tail end) three times around the tip of the needle, hold the wrap with your thumb and pull the needle through. You should have a secure knot now. I often make at least one more knot in close to the same place just to be extra secure.

2 – Load your beads onto the needle. Add seed beads until your fringe is about as long as you wish it to be then add your bigger bead and one more seed bead. The seed bead on the end is your anchor. Slide all of the beads to the end of the thread.

3 – Anchor your fringe. This is the only tricky part – and it really isn’t hard. Slide that last seed bead away from the line of beads then send your needle right back through your whole line of beads. I find it easiest to do if I bend the line of beads over my finger, holding the thread taut. This lines up the beads in a row and holds the thread tight along the bottom of each hole. That way you have room to get the needle back up through the whole line.

4 – You might not be able to get the needle all the way through your line of beads in one shot. No worries. Just do it a bit at a time, holding that thread taught to it easier to slide the needle through.

5 – Push your needle into the satin stitching, right under your fringe and come out where you want the next fringe to start. Continue adding fringe until you think you’re done. Notice here that my fringe isn’t the same – I like it funky. Sometimes my big bead is in the middle, sometimes there are more seed beads on the end than just one anchor. Mix it up and make it fun. (And yes, I am an artist and my cuticles and nails ALWAYS look that bad!)

6 – Make a knot right next to the last fringe in the same way you did at the beginning. In fact, make two knots. Come to think of it, make a knot and just keep going (not starting with a new thread each time) every three or four fringes just to be safe. I truly dislike the sound of a million tiny beads scattering across the floor as my child yanks on my fringes. At the end, after your last knot, send your needle up through the satin stitching and come out anywhere. Trim the tail off and you’re done.

Hope you enjoyed it! Go add some beady fringe to something! They make wonderful swishing noises as they move and swing around. If DVD’s are easier for you to learn with you can find this and a lot more on my instructional DVD:

Bead It Like You Mean It!
200.BI.coverAnd now for a little surprise.

photo 1-7Anybody want it? Anybody out there still use an ipod classic? My daughter has my old one but isn’t interested in this case.

photo 2-6

You could get creative and fill in the holes with beaded cloth of your own. Who knows.

Leave a comment here telling me what you would do with this lovely little beaded thing. 

This giveaway IS open to International readers – I’ll draw the winner next Monday. (tell your friends to stop by and leave a comment too!)

Congratulations! go to Manuella – the winner of Ann Fahl’s Applique booklet. She says “I love Ann as an artist and admire her work. I am on a learning journey and haven’t found my favorite technique till now. I am open to every new techique to learn and would be very happy about this book.”

New Work: Beaded Brooch

Bead Fiesta by Lyric Kinard
 A sweet little beaded brooch – just for fun.
I’ll be leading a fun night of beading at my favorite bead shop in Raleigh
Thursday, March 8, 2012
6-8 pm

Just like many of my projects – this one began in an airport. Am I the only traveller that doesn’t mind sitting and waiting in an airport? It’s one of the few times I’m alone with no demands on my time. Perfect for a little bead project. Beaded fabric projects are beautifully portable.
Techniques for beading on fabric can be learned on my DVD workshop, Bead It Like You Mean It.

Artist Spotlight: Tracie Lyn Huskamp

The giveaway fenzy winds down today with the artist Tracie Lyn Huskamp who is giving away a copy of Bead It Like You Mean It on her blog. Read all about her here, then go there to leave a comment for your chance to win.

Tracie Lyn Huskamp is a product designer, workshop instructor, painter, poet, and mixed media artist living in Kansas. Her book, Nature Inspired (by Quarry Publishing), her fabric collection, Nature Inspired (by Windham Fabrics), along with her 2012 calendars, Nature Inspired Birds (by Time Factory Publishing), are in retails stores now. To learn more about her art and life, visit her website at

Tracie will be in Houston November 3-6, teaching at the International Quilt Festival. She’s also teaching next year, September 16 – 22 in Orivieto Italy! Can I just tell you right now… I WANT TO BE IN THAT CLASS! 

Here is a list of all of the lovely artists and blogs that participated in the Bead It party.

Sep 15  Larkin Van Horn
Sept 16 Susan Sorell 
Sept 19 Kelli Nina Perkins
Sept 21  Sharon Chapman
Sept 23 Leslie Jennison
Sept 26 Carla Sonheim
Sept 28 Gloria Hansen 
Sept 30 Laura Wasilowski
Oct 3  Carol Sloan
Oct 5 Sue Bleiweiss 
Oct 7  Jill Berry 
Oct 10 Jane LaFazio
Oct 12 Tracie Lynn Huskamp

And if , even after leaving a comment on each and every review, you still didn’t win – you can buy it here.

Bead It Like You Mean It – Jane LaFazio

Blog Hop Giveaway
is winding down…

Today the fabulous Jane LaFazio is reviewing and then giving away one of the last two copies of this hour and a half long workshop. On Wednesday Tracie Lyn Huskamp is giving the last one away. And then the introductory sale price of $19.95 goes up to $24.95.

I’ve introduced you to Jane in the past (read a series of posts here) – she’s still one of my favorites. She’s full of boundless energy and enthusiasm and is fearless about trying new techniques. 

Head over to JANE’S BLOG today and leave a comment to win a copy of Bead It Like You Mean It.

THIS is what Jane did after viewing my DVD.
Read the post about her project of fight Breast Cancer here. 
What crazy thing are you inclined to bead?

Artist Spotlight: Jill Berry

Sketchbook Artist, Jill Berry is recently returned from three fabulous weeks of teaching in Italy. 
I can’t wait to hear more – I SOOOO want to do that some day.
Her book, due out soon, is called Personal Geographies: Explorations in Mixed-Media Mapmaking. I can’t wait to see it, having a personal attraction to maps – and art that explores maps and plans. Maybe it’s my (long ago) studies of architecture, maybe it’s just that Jill’s work is gorgeous. You can pre-order it here.
She has a review of Bead It Like You Mean It on her blog and is giving away a copy. 
Head over to her blog to leave a comment for your chance to win. 
Remember that the DVD is on sale only for the next few days. On October 12th the regular price will go into effect, so if you want it for $19.95 buy it soon. I think you will really like it. If you want your local shop to carry it please have them contact me!
Carol Sloan and Sue Bleiwiess also still have giveaways open so you can try your luck there as well.

Artist Spotlight: Sue Belieweiss

Sue Bleiweiss is the brains behind the Sketchbook Challenge – a group of artists that has taken many of us on a fantastic journey for the past year. I have learned much and made wonderful friends over there, and it has been a great pleasure to work with Sue.

Fabric Collage II by Sue Bleiweiss
34″ x 24″

Sue’s work speaks to me – it is both richly textured and yet it is controlled and meticulously detailed. Love it.

Sue says: “I am fascinated with the challenge of creating texture both real and implied to a piece of fabric by using dyes, paints, and stitch to manipulate the surface of  the fabric.  My goal has never been to create a perfect and flawless surface. It is to create something that delights the eye, feeds the senses and fires the imagination.” 

Sue also works in various media – I’ve loved her sculptural works and especially her hand made books for a long time. Beautiful stuff.

Sue has posted a review of my DVD, Bead It Like You Mean It on her blog and is giving away a copy. Please head over to her blog and read what she thinks. Leave a comment to win. 

Carol Sloane’s giveaway is also still open if you haven’t left a comment there.

Artist Spotlight: Carol Sloan

I’d like you to meet mixed media artist, Carol Sloan. I have truly enjoyed getting to know her through the Sketchbook Challenge. When I was reading her biography I was drawn to her lists. I like lists. I’m going to share her list with you.

In 2008 I started a blog, began teaching and submitted artwork for publication in two books.
I was on my way to achieving some of my lifelong goals and dreams: 

Be an artist. Be an author. Teach others to celebrate their creative spirit.
I have artwork in four books, with a project coming out this fall (I hope) in an e-book with Lark. I teach nationally and plan on teaching internationally soon. 
I want to write a book about mixed media book making. 
I love to teach. 
I love to see the spark in my students eyes that they can create beautiful art. 
I love to hear other people say that I helped them to look at the world in a different manner.
If I’m not knee deep in water, kayaking with my husband, then I am elbow deep in paint, paper and fiber, creating art that tells a great story.

(Do you love her list as much as I do?)

Carol has also reviewed Bead It Like You Mean It

Leave a comment on her BLOG 
if you’d like the chance to win it.

Here is a little recap of the reviews so far – and the upcoming giveaways
Oct 3  Carol Sloan
Oct 5 Sue Bleiweiss 
Oct 7  Jill Berry 
Oct 10 Jane LaFazio
Oct 12 Tracie Lynn Huskamp

Artist Spotlight: Laura Wasilowski

Laura Walisowski has long been one of my favorite quilters and one of my favorite people. Her work and her personality are both full of whimsy and humor. In fact, she should come with a warning: do not try to drink when she is talking as sudden spraying through the nose is likely to occur.
Waffle Irons
32″ x 37″

Laura is the revered and feared Dean of Corrections at the Chicago School of Fusing, (yes, I AM a proud graduate of that school.) I highly recommend a quick tour, especially a glance at the Rowenta Sports Arena, Home of the Iron Maidens, my favorite team.
She teaches all over the place and will also be vending her absolutely delicious – as in I have an extensive collection – ARTFABRIK embroidery threads and dyed fabric in Houston at the International Quilt Festival.
Blue Book on Blue Chairs
46″ x 57″
Her new book, Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts is a delight to read and if you’ve wanted to add embroidery to your quilts I highly recommend it. I reviewed it here in case you are curious… and you know you are!

Today she has a review of Bead It Like You Mean It up on her blog
Today only – leave a comment over there for a chance to win

Artist Spotlight: Gloria Hansen

I’ve been wanting to introduce you to Gloria Hansen for a very long time now and am so happy to finally get the chance to do so. She is one of the kindest, most generous people I know. She is also an incredibly talented artist.

Blushing Triangles 5

Gloria is considered a pioneer in uniting the quilt maker with the computer, and in 1996 she co-authored The Quilter’s Computer Companion, a ground-breaking book published by No Starch Press. She also wrote or 
co-wrote 13 titles in the Free Stuff on the Internet series publishing by C&T Publishing. 

Her latest book Digital Essentials, the Quilt Maker’s Must Have Guide to Images, Files, and More, published by Electric Quilt Company, was a USA Book News “Best Books 2009” finalist.  Her works has appeared in nearly 200 magazine articles, within nearly 30 books, on several magazine covers, and a college text book cover.  She has been a technology columnist since 1996; was selected as the NJ featured Artist of the month, August 2007, by the NJ State Council on the Arts/Art Pride NJ; and was a featured guest on the HGTV show Simply Quilts and on the cable TV show Exit 8

Gloria’s work has been exhibited throughout the country and abroad for over two decades. She has won over 200 awards, including the 2007 Master of Innovative Artistry award at the International Quilting Association show in Houston, Texas and the 2008 Best Wall Quilt award at the American Quilter’s Society show in Paducah, Kentucky.  She also has a quilt in the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. In 2008, Gloria’s work was displayed in a solo show at the San Jose  Museum of Quilts & Textiles where she was described by the curator as “one of the world’s foremost digital quilt designers.” 

It’s About Time

I hope you are as in love with her work as I am. And I think you should buy her book, Digital Essentials. It’s a must have for anyone who needs to do anything with computers and quilting. She explains so many things (resizing, digital watermarks, editing, etc) in such a clear and easily understandable fashion.
But first – go to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win my DVD.

Artist Spotlight: Carla Sonheim

Carla Sonheim is a painter, illustrator, and creativity workshop instructor known for her fun and innovative projects and techniques designed to help adult students recover a more spontaneous, playful approach to creating. She is the author of Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun.
One of her students writes, “Carla just shines and is so gentle and generous that you will work hard all day and come out energised and inspired. Most importantly though, [her] class was a touchstone in my artistic journey, giving me the courage to stop resisting, and open myself to my creative voice.”
Carla lives in Seattle, Washington.
(Remember… “Blowed kisses are like little ghosties. They can go through cracks in doors.” –Wes Sonheim, age 4)

Carla will be teaching at JOURNALFEST on October 26-30th in Port Townsend, Washington.

I own and adore her book, Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists and I think you should own it too!
Now go to Carla’s Blog, Snowball Journals and read her review of Bead It Like You Mean It. Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of the DVD.

And if you don’t win there – you can try each of these other blogs.
Sept 26 Carla Sonheim
Sept 28 Gloria Hansen 
Sept 30 Laura Wasilowski
Oct 3  Carol Sloan
Oct 5 Sue Bleiweiss 
Oct 7  Jill Berry 
Oct 10 Jane LaFazio
Oct 12 Tracie Lynn Huskamp

Or – you can buy it here.

Artist Spotlight: Sharon Chapman

Today you can head over to Sharon Chapman of Wildflower House and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of Bead It Like You Mean It

Sharon’s Etsy shop

Sharon lives in the foothills of the Cascade mountains where there is mucho rain, but when the sun comes out it’s gorgeous. Her real love is Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands which are close. She loves creating gardens and peaceful places. Lately her interests have been crazy quilting and landscape quilts. 

Here’s the round up so far of all the blogs that are hosting a DVD giveaway.
Each of them so far has some fun reviews and projects.

Sep 15  Larkin Van Horn
Sept 16 Susan Sorell 
Sept 19 Kelli Nina Perkins
Sept 21  Sharon Chapman
Sept 23 Leslie Jennison
Sept 26 Carla Sonheim
Sept 28 Gloria Hansen 
Sept 30 Laura Wasilowski
Oct 3  Carol Sloan
Oct 5 Sue Bleiweiss 
Oct 7  Jill Berry 
Oct 10 Jane LaFazio
Oct 12 Tracie Lynn Huskamp

Artist Spotlight: Kelli Nina Perkins

Kelli Nina Perkins is a mixed media artist and librarian living on the shores of Lake Michigan. She has a master’s degree in information from the University of Michigan. For over a decade, Kelli has been making art that prizes the everyday ephemera of our lives, incorporating the common flotsam of discarded life into art that speaks to the heart. 

She’s a fantastic teacher and will be teaching at Art Camp for Women in October. You WANT to be there. I do. It’s in the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains (oh how I miss them!) and you’ll be playing to your hearts content with some of the funnest supplies, and funnest people there are. Really. Even if you can’t go – spread the word and tell your friends.

Kelli’s  SPOON  POETRY tutorial is one of my all time favorites.
I have the spoons, I have the ink and the words and a place to hang a spoon poetry garland. It’s only a matter of time.

Now head over to her blog and read her review of BEAD IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT.
Leave a comment there for a chance to win the DVD!

Artist Spotlight: Leslie Tucker Jenison

InVitro: Microscopy
by Leslie Tucker Jenison
50.5″ x 27″

San Antonio artist Leslie Tucker Jenison is inspired by the textural beauty found in the patterns of natural and man-made environments. Leslie loves the tactile experience of working with cloth and paper.  Using dye, paint, and thread, Leslie creates unique imagery on these surfaces.  The juxtaposition of the macro to microscopic world is a recurring theme in her work. Long fascinated by the historical connection of quilts and the people who make them, she serves on the board of the Alliance for American Quilts. Leslie exhibits internationally in galleries and juried exhibitions. Her work  is held in both corporate and private collections. Leslie teaches a variety of quilt and mixed media workshops. She curates exhibitions and teaches as one half of Dinner At Eight Artists along with Jamie Fingal.

Leslie has a review up on her blog of 
and is giving away a copy on September 24th. 
Head over to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win. 
You can take a class from Leslie if you are lucky enough to be in Houston this November.

Thurs, Nov 3rd – 6 hour class

#425  Musical Chairs:  A Painted Canvas Adventure

Friday, Nov 4th – 6 hour class

#517  Dreaming in Canvas:  A Painted Quilt – Paint/Sew

Sat, Nov 5th – 3 hour class

#732  Texas Hold’em Apron- Sew/Paint – morning

What Remains by Leslie Tucker Jenison
48″ x 36″

There is still a bit of time to head over to Larkin and Susan’s blogs to win the copies they are giving away.
Sep 15  Larkin Van Horn
Sept 16 Susan Sorell 

Tomorrow is Kelli’s turn.
Sept 19 Kelli Nina Perkins

And if you simply can’t wait – you can buy the DVD here.

Artist Spotlight: Susan Sorrell

Today a fellow Sketchbook Challenge artist, and a fellow Carolinian, Susan Sorrell, will review “Bead It Like You Mean It” on her blog. Get to know her just a bit here, then go there and leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win the DVD!
 Susan Sorrell has always had a “wild imagination” growing up. Traveling all over the world with her father’s job, she has had to entertain herself with all kinds of arts and crafts. She didn’t become serious about art, until she made it her major at Winthrop University. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design, Susan worked for a short time as a graphic artist, and then decided to get her Masters in Education at Converse College, to teach art. 
Funky Fungus
beaded, painted/printed fabric, hand embroidery, mixed media
Being around children was a great way to get her creative juices flowing, so she quit after 12 years and became a full time artist. Susan calls herself a “mixed media” artist, since she likes to dabble in a lot of different medias. She has been working with textiles since 1998 and hasn’t tired of it yet. 
 Combining painting, sewing, beading and embellishing on fabric has opened new avenues to express her self.  Her pieces are whimsical, colorful and have a personal theme. Susan likes to draw her inspirations from her life and what is happening in the world. 
Her recent series of work, “Southern Fried Fiber” is inspired by her “Southern” roots. Susan lives in Greenville, South Carolina and has a studio, Little House Art Studios, located in Taylors, SC.  To view more of Susan Sorrell work visit her website 

Remember to leave a comment on Susan’s blog for a chance to win Bead It Like You Mean It

Artist Spotlight: Larkin Van Horn

Today is the first day of a month long blog-hop full of reviews and giveaways for my new DVD workshop
(really – it’s just a big party with everyone invited!)

How Green Was My Valley
7 1/4 x 15 3/4
Larkin Van Horn, one of the nicest people I know and an artist whom I have admired for a very long time, kicks off the event. We both love art quilting, we both bead, we both teach, and we both have wonderful and unique “L” names. That means that every once in a while we get an email meant for the other. I can’t think of another person I’d rather be mixed up with. Here’s a little introduction:

Larkin Van Horn is a mixed-media textile artist working in the areas of art quilts, beadwork, wearable art, and liturgical art.

In her own words:
“Textiles and mixed media, as art for the wall and three-dimensional structures, form the basis of my work. I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources: my own imagination and strong sense of drama, the colorists and abstract expressionists of the past, and the wild variety of the natural world. At times, my work is a response to the grey Pacific Northwest winters; at other times it reflects the natural energy of spring and summer.

A central feature of my work is texture, both visual and literal. Whether I am exploring the organic features of my island home — the waves and tide lines, wind-bent trees, strata and fissures in the rocks on the seashore — or the inner landscape of emotions, spirit and self, I want my work to have as much interest for the fingertips as for the eye – hence, the decision to work with fabric, fiber, beads, and found objects. Finding myself drawn to the alchemy and serendipity of dyeing and painting my own fabrics and yarns to create a vibrant “paint box” of materials, seems an appropriate approach to the abstract imagery of the work.

Although my inspiration is drawn from the great outdoors, the work is created on a more intimate scale. Most of my pieces are appropriate for private spaces, small nooks, and niches. “

Larkin is the author of the book “Beading on Fabric” – my very favorite instructional book in this category. (You can buy it from her here.)

read what she has to say about it,
and follow the her instructions in order to win a copy of
Bead It Like You Mean It 


I’ve been working on something of an adventure this past year. I think for most people it would have taken a month or two – but as with everything ART related in my life it had to fit into the little nooks and crannies of time left to the mother of five busy and extremely talented children. (Biased? Why yes I am.)

Announcing my new DVD workshop 

In this workshop I will teach you the basic techniques for embellishing fabric with beads including
sewing one bead on at a time
sewing beads in a solid line
curving, joining, or splitting a line of beads
sewing on chunky beads
making funky stacks
creating a beaded bezel to hold a cabochon
adding bead to the top of a finished quilt with no knots or mess on the back!

To celebrate the launch of this new DVD a number of my very favorite artists are posting reviews on their blogs over the next month. Please stop by each one and see what they have to say.

Sep 15  Larkin Van Horn
Sept 16 Susan Sorell 
Sept 19 Kelli Nina Perkins
Sept 21  Sharon Chapman
Sept 23 Leslie Jennison
Sept 26 Carla Sonheim
Sept 28 Gloria Hansen 
Sept 30 Laura Wasilowski
Oct 3  Carol Sloan
Oct 5 Sue Bleiweiss 
Oct 10 Jane LaFazio
Oct 12 Tracie Lynn Huskamp
And if you simply can’t wait – you can buy it here.

Playtime with Bonnie

What do a boatload of beads and an entire studio packed with lighting equipment, cameras, microphones and wires have to do with each other?

On your average day, not much. Last week – everything! I’ve been working very hard for several months and am so excited to tell you about my latest project. A new instructional DVD titled “Bead It Like You Mean It!” It’ll still be a few months before it’s out but we had SO much fun filming that I can’t keep it under wraps.

The lovely and VERY talented Bonnie McCaffery was an absolute pleasure to work with – who wouldn’t smile when they saw that wide grin behind the camera? She is very good at helping me to focus and get down to business – and tolerant of my tendency towards silliness as well. 
Lots of silly on this DVD. Lots of really, really, pretty things and useful information too!

We got done a whole day early so we had time to play with some really fun special effects and take a walk around the lake and play with our cameras.

And There Was Much Fun To Be Had

Really – there was. In spite of the heat wave and barely-there air conditioning – we had a FANTASTIC time with the Burke Quilters Unlimited. The class was Screen Printing and the location was Judy Gula’s most fantastic shop ever: Artistic Artifacts Annex.
 I can’t seem to remember if this we were beading or learning photo transfer here.
Kathy is making a lovely piece with her citra-solv photo transfer.
You can see a tutorial here
Meghan is using transfer paper for her photo transfer piece.
 Cyndi Souder and Judy Gula laugh over a funny X-Acto knife story.
Hubby had been “using” her kit out in the garage for quite some time while she was looking for it.
Busy, busy students learning Screen Printing.
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