Thermofax 101 according to Melanie and Jane

The things Melanie Testa does with freezer paper resist and layering images…. IMG_0401

Well, she makes my heart beat faster whenever I take a peek. She goes into detail about what she likes on the Thermofax 101 DVD as well, which I greatly appreciate. You can read her review here.

Jane Davila has been a favorite artist of mine for ages as well and I was so happy when she agreed to review a copy of the DVD. You can read her review here.PC-bee

Did you know Judy Gula and Jane will both be teaching in a few weeks at the Quilters Unlimited show, the biggest and best show in the DC area. You can see a complete list of the classes that they are teaching on the QU website. 

So head over and see what Melly and Jane have to say. Leave comments on their blogs for chances to win.

Next up in the giveaway line up are:

May 7  Liz Kettle
May 8  Carol Sloan
May 9  Kathy York


Scroll down to check out the previous reviews and to see if they still have giveaways open. And if you can’t wait and are dying to play with some custom made screens of your own, or want to check out the ready made screens I offer – just follow the links.

Thermofax 101 with Sue Bleiweiss, Cheryl Rezendes

Today it’s Sue Bleiweiss’ turn to review Thermofax 101. Did you see her recent episode on The Quilt Show? She is fantastic and I love her work. (And she used thermofax screens in her episode there!) I’ll b reviewing her latest book here soon.me_lr29

In order to win her giveaway copy of
Thermofax 101: screen printing made easy
you have to leave a comment on her blog. Be creative and tell her what you love about her work! Be specific. Surprise her with the acuity of your comments. 😉 

Sue Bleiweiss Blog


Cheryl Rezendes also reviewed the DVD.Cher

I reviewed her book a while ago – still love it. Can you figure out how she made me blush? It involves the word “adorable.” and yes, she is having a giveaway too.


custom thermofax screens


Untitled-1Guidelines for sending your own artwork

  • Order the number, configuration, and size of screen with the buttons on the right.  Include each file name in the box provided.
  • E-Mail jpgs or pdf separately to
  • Label your file with your name, a description, and the exact size you want the image (not including the white area around it) to print at. example: Kinard_bird_3.5×5.7
  • Please send a high quality jpg or a pdf file. If you send me a 20kb image and ask for a large screen you will get nothing but a pixilated mess. For print quality a resolution of 300dpi is best.
  • Black and white images only please. Shades of gray don’t always turn out as you wish them to. Try playing with the “THRESHOLD” filter in your digital editing program. Remember that if you make a mistake you an hit “ctrl Z” and it will undo what you just did. Here is a great Photoshop Elements Tutorial to help you with this process.
  • I can do your Photoshop work for you for a fee – please inquire.
  • You can also snail-mail your design with a printed order form and a check. All marks on the paper will show up on the screen so be careful to look for dots and specs.
  • Please keep each design within the size limit for each screen: small 3 x 4, medium 4 x 7, large 7 x 9.5
  • Please send only original or copyright free artwork.
Size Image_Only Image+Frame Print_Ready
max image size  3×4
$4.00 $6.00 $9.00
max image size  4×7
$6.00 $9.00 $12.00
max image size  7×9.5
$.8.00 $13.00 $16.00








If you prefer not to use Paypal, please print and fill out this order form and mail a check.

What do I get when I order?

Image Only Image + Frame Print Ready
image imageframe imagemounted
Many people don’t mind printing without a frame. The mesh will curl so you need to stabilize it. Simply “bind” all four edges with duct tape  and you are good to go. I prefer using a frame because you can pick up the screen and move it with one hand. Order this if you would like to tape the mesh onto the frame yourself. If you’d prefer to rip your screen out of the package and print immediately then order it mounted. I mount your screens with waterproof duct tape on BOTH SIDES of the frame. I find that the double sided sticky tape just doesn’t last as long for me. Also – with the tape on both sides you can print with your screen facing either way.
Custom – image only
file name


Custom – image + frame
file name


Custom – print ready
file name


photo 4-1NEED PAINT? Order it here!

Lyric often offers exclusive thermofax sets to her newsletter subscribers:  

thermofax paint

Textile Paint from Prochemical and Dye

Highly pigmented
Permanent after heat setting
Leaves a soft hand on the fabric
Perfect consistency for screen printing

photo 4-1 photo 1-1
3 oz each of
Yellow, Red, and Blue



3 oz each of
Yellow, Red, and Blue



printed onto on dark fabric:
photo 3-1 photo 2-1
3 oz each of
beautiful metallic
Silver, Gold, and Copper

3 oz each of




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