International Quilt Festival 2018: The Power of Women exhibit

Please enjoy this FB live recording of a little walkabout through the Power of Women special exhibit at the 2018 International Quilt Festival. Ask any questions in the comments and I’ll see if I can answer them.


Patterns at the International Quilt Festival

I thought I’d take a minute and share a few snapshots of my time in Houston, TX at the International Quilt Festival.img_9464

See that building on the right with red stacks? That is about half of the convention center. The exhibits and vendors seem to go on for miles. It’s truly a massive gathering space for my tribe!

I spent most of my time teaching but did spend some time taking in some of the beautiful artwork on display.

Here is the Dinner@8 special exhibit titled PATTERNS.

You can read more about all of the artists and the exhibit at the Dinner@8 website.

international quilt festival – coming up for air

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. There has been a lot of life happening. A LOT! On top of things at home I spent several weeks struggling to prepare to teach six classes, one lecture and two samplers at the International Quilt Festival. That’s a lot of kits to prepare, samples to make, merchandise to ship, and plans to make.thumb_IMG_7985_1024I have a million pictures I can share – and hope to find time to do so. But first I have to show you my pieces in the exhibits. It was SUCH an honor to have quilts included in this venue. The best of the best are here. Above you can see my piece in Affinity. The quality of this exhibit is truly breathtaking. More later.thumb_IMG_8119_1024These are my two entries in the “painted surface” category. The portrait was originally entered in the “people” category but the show moved it. Who knows why? I suppose it IS painted.

International Quilt Festival – pt 1

Whew! The week after that crazy week was spent in Houston at the International Quilt Festival. There is simply too much to take in much less share, but I’ll give you a few of the highlights. I taught four different classes and one of my growing favorites is Creative Collaborative Collage! 

photo 2(I’ll have to look harder and see if I have a non-blurry picture in my files!) 

In this class we let go of all inhibitions and simply play with fabric and color and design principles for a few hours. It gets a little wild and crazy. It’s truly collaborative as we pass cards or get up and switch to a different table every few minutes. You never know what you are going to get to work on, what fabric you’ll have to work with, or which card you will end up keeping. When that is the case it frees you from the fear of making a mistake or worrying about outcomes. We call it a “make BAD art” day where the most valuable thing you do is have a true learning experience. It’s FUN!!!

photo 3

If your guild is having me in next year or in 2015 (or you want to have me come in!) let your program chair know that THIS is a fabulous class! I’m thinking it would also be a truly, wildly, wonderful evening event at a retreat. Part dance party, part fun fest with fabric. To all my CCC students – I love you!!!


The International Quilt Festival: The Vendors

If you have never been to the International Quilt Festival in Houston there is really only one thing you need to understand: it is BIG!

Bigger than any quilt show you’ve seen before. That big, long, white building on the right with the funky wonderful vents – it’s five football fields long. That’s how they do things in Texas. Nothing small about it.

 This is just a partial view of three of the twenty aisles of vendors. TWENTY!

So with as much teaching as I did – I only had one day of the week to see the show then a few hours here and there to see the vendors. I wandered through the quilts multiple times. Then I made it through about four (out of the 20) vendors aisles. It was enough to get into the usual trouble.

Meg Hannan’s Fabric Jewels
were the first to catch my eye. I already own two pair of her earrings.

Now I own FIVE pair!!!

I tried as hard as I could to pass up Leisa McCord’s spectacularly beautiful booth.
McCord Works
and another set of exquisite earrings. The tiny crochet is so delicate and beautiful. I’ve worn these every other day for the past several weeks.

These are the kinds of booths that lure me in – like a magpie in a diamond store.
But I came out with old things.

And things from nature.

And very, very colorful things.

 Sonoran Beads
drew me in for another year and again I’ve come home with some gorgeous components for jewelry.

Now, don’t you find it a little strange that I go to the world’s largest quilt festival and don’t buy fabric or thread or anything seemingly quilt related? Well, not only did I not have time to browse but – well – have you ever seen the train of ridiculously oversized and heavy luggage that teachers travel with? There honestly wasn’t room.

And I met the fabulous Rice Freeman-Zachary and her delightful husband next to
Treasures of the Gypsy (can’t find a website – anyone know of it?) and stopped to chat for a while.  I would have been fine but I happened to look up and became ensorceled by the delicious dragons perched everywhere above the fabrics. I ended up with two patterns. When on earth I will ever have time to actually make one I have no idea. One can dream.

So. I’m almost unpacked. I’ve travelled and taught again, had Thanksgiving here with family from out of town – wouldn’t miss it for the world! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have time to breathe. I’m finally sitting down to soak in some of the fabulousness of what I saw.

If you ever get the chance to go to Houston’s International Quilt Festival – don’t miss it!!!

The International Quilt Festival: The People

I spent a week at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX.

For anyone in the quilt world – a trip to IQF – we just call it “Houston” is something akin to a pilgrimage to the holy land of quilting. Yes. It IS that big of a deal. I’ll show you the main reason why – the quilts of course – in my next post, but for me – it’s all about the people.

The lovely, talented, energizing people! These are the students in my Creative Collage & Collaboration Class. I think this class is definitely my new favorite. (More on that later.)

There are always international student at IQF, but this is the first year I’ve had students from Turkey, Brazil, and Argentina. Canada, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and more are always well represented.

One of the new owners (from France) of Artwork from the Art Box CSA found us!
How cool is that!?!?!?!?

Most attendees aren’t lucky enough to meet the cadre of dedicated and hardworking people that make the show happen. Judy Murrah and Kim DeCoste hire teachers and keep things running behind the scenes for the classes. They are truly miracle workers!

Friends from the Sketchbook Challenge blog found time to be together.
Jamie Fingal, Judy Coates Perez, Leslie Tucker Jenison
Sue Bleiweiss, Lyric Montgomery Kinard, Lesley Riley 

The oh-so-talented Bonnie McCaffery working on taped interviews with a few of the Dinner@8 Rituals artists and organizers: Susan Brubaker Knapp, Leslie and Jamie.

More Dinner@8 artists

Can I just say – last week was much more than a quilt show. It is really just the world’s largest slumber party. We didn’t sleep much but we truly enjoyed each other’s company.

I’m Teaching in Houston!

I would love to see you at the International Quilt Festival!
I’ll be posting details about my classes soon.

You can find the full class catalog
in the meantime.


I’m teaching one of my favorite classes Saturday, June 23rd 10am-5pm at
Thimble Pleasures
a lovely shop nearby in Chapel Hill, NC


A day of wonderful fun – playtime!

We’ll spend time working through very easy and concrete design exercises.

We play with different methods of creating your own unique abstract designs.

By the end of the day you will have a sweet little art quilt.

we don’t worry about making masterpieces.
We simply play with design.

PLAY being the operative word!

Join me! You can sign up here.
I’ll also be teaching this class on October 30th at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.

Make-It University

For the past several years the Queen of Quilting Arts has sponsored Make-It University at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas. Right in the middle of the show floor you find a large space with several artists demonstrating their techniques (Open Studios) and a classroom space open to the view of all the passersby. Patricia “Pokey” Bolton is one solid bundle of energy (I think she shoots caffeine directly into her veins) and things get pretty lively as she hosts her own classes and draws names from the jar of hopefuls who might want to take a class.

I had a ton of fun both presenting in Open Studios and teaching on MIU class last year and have the great pleasure of doing so again this October. If you happen to be down on the show floor and need a spot to rest your feet – throw your name in the jar to see if you win the lottery and get into my “Hopes, Wishes, and Dreams Booklet” class. We’ll be doing a number of quick and easy little surface design techniques on both fabric and paper and having a ton of fun to boot!

See you there!
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