In the Studio… packing for a trip

New Hampshire are you ready?
Here I come!
Things get kind of crazy when I’m getting ready to teach. For every class there is a day (at least) of ordering, shipping, gathering, and packing supplies, printing hand-outs, figuring out inventory, and hoping against all hope that even though I’ve checked my lists ten times I’m not forgetting anything.

Playtime with Bonnie

What do a boatload of beads and an entire studio packed with lighting equipment, cameras, microphones and wires have to do with each other?

On your average day, not much. Last week – everything! I’ve been working very hard for several months and am so excited to tell you about my latest project. A new instructional DVD titled “Bead It Like You Mean It!” It’ll still be a few months before it’s out but we had SO much fun filming that I can’t keep it under wraps.

The lovely and VERY talented Bonnie McCaffery was an absolute pleasure to work with – who wouldn’t smile when they saw that wide grin behind the camera? She is very good at helping me to focus and get down to business – and tolerant of my tendency towards silliness as well. 
Lots of silly on this DVD. Lots of really, really, pretty things and useful information too!

We got done a whole day early so we had time to play with some really fun special effects and take a walk around the lake and play with our cameras.

In The Studio


It’s a mad dash to the finish line here. (Hanging the solo show next Tuesday.) I’m simply blown away at how much art I can get done when I spend the whole day in the studio working. Of course, I’ve gotten a sitter for little guy, have left middle kids on their own to do (or refuse to do) homework, and the house is a wreck. I haven’t made a good dinner for a couple of weeks.
These are still in process. As are quite a number of other works. I must say I’ve quite enjoyed myself – madly playing in the studio.
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