Studio Shots: welcome to the palace

Hello Friends, It’s been a while. Life has been overfull the past three years and I’ve neglected this space. I spent a while thinking about my intent for this blog over the weekend and this is what I’ve concluded.

1- I want to document my work on a platform that I own. That isn’t FB or IG.

2- I want to have a space where I don’t feel obligated to constantly speak to the injustices I see in the world. (I feel compelled to do so on FB where my largest audience is. I feel that if I don’t do something to stand up for immigrants, refugees, the poor, minorities, that I cannot face God when that time comes, or my children now.)

Those two things alone are enough. So we will start here.

A very quick tour (part one) of my new palace.


I’ll give you a lot more detail in coming blog posts.

Tutorial: 5 Part Origami Star



And here are step by step photos if you weren’t quick enough to fold along with the video.
Seriously – all you need is a little more caffeine to go that fast, right!?

kinard_5pt_star_tute1Begin with 5 rectangles (half a square)

kinard_5pt_star_tute2Fold one rectangle in half the long way

kinard_5pt_star_tute3Unfold and fold two corners in to meet the line

kinard_5pt_star_tute4Fold one corner in on the other side

kinard_5pt_star_tute5Fold your point in to meet that corner

kinard_5pt_star_tute6flip the paper over and unfold that one corner

kinard_5pt_star_tute7fold the two corners in to meet the center line again

kinard_5pt_star_tute8repeat, folding in the two corners again
(it feels like a paper airplane)

kinard_5pt_star_tute9flip the paper over again so you can see the pointed flap

kinard_5pt_star_tute11fold the flat edge up under the flap

kinard_5pt_star_tute12repeat, folding the edge up again

kinard_5pt_star_tute13repeat again, creasing the fold tightly

kinard_5pt_star_tute14make five more of these units

kinard_5pt_star_tute16take two units, and notice the pocket here

kinard_5pt_star_tute17slide one unit’s strip into that pocket

kinard_5pt_star_tute18flip the units over

kinard_5pt_star_tute19tuck the second strip into the back/point pocket

Kinard_origami_5pt_star1repeat with the rest of the units until all five are tucked into each other.

TA DA!!!!

Kinard_origami_5pt_star3This star works perfectly with paper money.
If you are giving cash as a gift this is a lovely way to do it.


It looks just as pretty from the back.



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