new work: sisters – bubbling up (or help me find a better title!)


This piece was begun and set aside almost 10 years ago but it was time to take it out and put it together. It sprang from a trip where laughter bubbled continually and effortlessly. 

2005vsisters4Back then I had far fewer “natural highlights” in my hair. This past summer the entire family was together again. Again there was much laughter – but after ten years there were far more burdens than there were then. I want to remember that carefree time. These are some of the people in this world that I love and admire the most. Everyone in my family lives very far away from each other. We miss each other a lot.



Life is still good. There is still laughter and love.

(Bubbles is a terrible title.
Help me figure out a better one!)

New work: ammonite triptych

Finished. In time for a deadline no less.




hand dyed cloth, screen printed, foiled, beaded
20 x 20 x 2 gallery wrapped canvas (screened with molding paste, painted with acrylics)


I like these pretties although it has been interesting listening to some of the questioning voices in my head. They are not involved in critiquing the art itself. It’s more about the practicality of having a bunch of large canvases to store in an already crowded space. I haven’t even bothered entering any of my framed work in non-local shows as I don’t want to bother with ordering and storing more boxes than I already have and paying for shipping.

Then again, I have sold several of my framed pieces, and almost none of the regular quilts. 

Introducing…. The ART BOX CSA

Introducing…. (drum roll please)

The Art Box CSA

Jamie Fingal, Judy Coates Perez, Lyric Montgomery Kinard, Deborah Boschert
Leslie Tucker Jennison, Desiree Habicht, Kathy York, Sue Bleiweiss

Remember that project I gave you a little hint of a while ago?

This is it!!!

Have you heard about those lovely community supported farms where you buy a share and in return get freshly picked local produce all year long? I belong to one and truly love my produce box – delivered fresh to my door every week all full of locally grown fruit and veggie deliciousness. It’s Community Supported Agriculture.

Art Box work by Lyric Montgomery Kinard

The lovely Sue Bleiweiss is a creative and very busy genius when it comes to organizing wonderful ways to share the joys of art. What do you think of Community Supported Artists!?

Art Box work by Jamie Fingal

A talented group of artists have created small works for an ART BOX and just wait until you see how gorgeous this stuff is. As the pictures came in I was blown away with how gorgeous every piece of work is! I’m actually thinking I might need one of these boxes for myself. There are a limited number of full and half boxes available and I think they’ll go pretty fast. This is your opportunity to collect works of art by some very talented people for well below market prices.

Art Box work by Desiree Habitat

The Art Box CSA

What is an Art Box?
An Art Box is a new and exciting way to purchase a collection of art from several different artists at once.  Artists create a limited number of new original artworks for inclusion in the box in a predetermined size making it easy for the collector to display them together if they desire. Purchasing an Art Box is a cost effective way to begin or add to a growing art collection from today’s most popular mixed media and textile artists.

How many pieces of Art will I receive?
Full size boxes contain one piece of art from each of the 8 artists and a half size box contains one piece of art from four of the artists.  Each Art Box is unique and no two will be exactly alike.  For more information onpurchasing an Art Box click here.

What size is the Art?
All of the artwork in the Art Boxes have been mounted on 8”x8”x 1 1/2” stretched canvas and is ready to hang.

 So – run on over to
The Art Box CSA
and check it out.

Do me a favor and tell your friends.

Help us get the word out.
If this works, and I’m very sure it will, there will be more in the future.
Click on one of the icons at the bottom left of this post and share it on FaceBook, Twitter, or even copy this whole post onto your own blog!



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