Portobello antiques at the tannery in christchurch

The tannery is an absolutely lovely shopping are repurposed from, what else, a tannery. Full of amazing shops such as a Marinello fabric store, hand spun wool shop, cafes, “op-shops” (thrift stores), and an amazing antique shop with thinks that made me laugh or wonder every time I turned around.

Christchurch cathedral

A memorial to the lives lost during the 2011 earthquakes in Christchurch. It’s a beautiful and peaceful walk along the river.


Nowhere is he heartbreaking devastation resulting from the 2011 earthquakes more visible than the in looking through safety fencing around the Christchurch Cathedral.

But everywhere we look there are new buildings and new construction and beautiful architecture going up. People are resilient creatures, are they not!?


Kia ora from New Zealand airports

I cannot possibly overstate how much I geeked out about this.

Art in the Airport…. Jennie Gillie’s wearables!

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