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If you’ve looked with secret longing at the world of Abstract Art but have no idea where to begin, this is the class for you.  Lessons consist of  concrete design exercises that are clear and easily understood as well as ample encouragement from an award winning teacher. You don’t need to have drawing or design skills as this course is designed to inspire and teach  both the timid beginner and the confident creative. Lyric’s easily followed  instructions  lead you to create  your own unique and original abstract compositions.

Lesson 1 will open on February 15
$45.00 for 6 lessons



This course includes space for you to share your pictures and get feedback from your classmates. The more you contribute, the livelier class will be.  Lyric will pop in twice a week to give feedback on each picture posted. This platform provides a safe space for a lively and sharing creative community to explore without judgement and competition.

Each week you’ll receive an email with a link to a new lesson. The lessons are available 24/7 and you’ll receive a downloadable step-by-step pdf to work from. There are short videos to show how Lyric works each exercise and to explain the gist of things.

Just like in a live classroom, you’ll be able to see your fellow students work and discuss how things are going. You’ll get encouragement and instruction from Lyric on all the work you post.

Supplies consist of things you already have at hand so you won’t be time or money shopping for things you might not use again. The most important supply is an adventurous willingness to explore, grow, and play as you learn to see and create within the framework of abstract design. Doodles will be scribbled, eyes and minds will be opened, and fun will be had. Won’t you join us?

Lesson 1 will open on February 15




Q: Do I need to know how to draw?
A: NO! We will use pen and paper but Lyric will show you exactly what to do.

Q: Do you require special supplies?
A: If you own a sketchbook, use it. If not, plain paper is great! Us whatever your favorite medium is to create your studies. Acrylic on board? Great! Cloth and thread? Wonderful! Collage paper and glue? Fabulous!

Q: How much time will the class take?
A: I would love it if you spent one hour each week on the exercises. You can delve much more deeply and really get into them if you’d like, repeating and refining your skill and strengthening your eye as an artist.

Q: I’m half-way across the world in a different time zone. Will I miss half of what is going on?
A: Not at all. The beauty of online classes is that you can come to them at your convenience. There is no “live” element to this class that you will miss.

Q: I’m out of town during a week of the class, what will I miss?
A: Nothing. You can catch up when you get back. All lessons will be there the rest of the class and you can post your work at any time while it is open. The classroom is open two weeks past the last exercise (a total of 8 weeks) so there is a little wiggle room.

Q: How much interaction is there from the teacher?
A: Lyric will comment on each posted assignment during the weeks the class is open.

Q: Is the content downloadable?
A: Only the PDF lessons. I suggest you download them as they are released. The videos are not downloadable.

Q: What do I need to know about using a computer?
A: You’ll need to photograph or scan your assignments and save them as a jpeg. You can upload your pictures from your computer or devise to the online lesson. There is a video when you start class, that explains how to use the online classroom. Support@Ruzuku.com is very helpful and you can email them with any technical questions.

On-Line Class: Freeform Screen Printing

Registration is open for one of my favorite classes over at QuiltUniversity.com.
Freeform Screen Printing
four lessons, one opening each week beginning September 27th


  • Lesson One
  • Preparing your materials and workspace
  • The mechanics of printing
  • Paper stencil screens
  • Lesson Two
  • Found materials and other resists
  • Finger blending
  • Plastic stencil screens
  • Bonus – discharge printing
  • Lesson Three
  • Flour paste screens
  • Preparing images for Thermofax screens
  • Printing with Thermofax screens
  • Printing yardage
  • Lesson Four
  • Cheap and easy home-made frames
  • Glue and paint screens
  • Spray paint screens
  • Bonus – drawing fluid and filler

The class will be open for almost seven weeks.

An extra week is built in before one of the lessons to let you order or create your own Thermofax screen.

Beginning experiments by Charlotte Robinson

I’ll be checking into the class forum each day to answer any and all questions you might have.

Layered prints by Maggie Birchenough

I’ve got to say that Quilt University is one of the best deals out there. $41 for four lessons and that much of my time is an absolute steal!

Stenciled screen by Sue Price

 We’ll have a ton of fun – and best of all, you don’t have to haul stuff anywhere!

Screened discharge with a tape resist by Elizabeth Gobson

 I hope to see you there!
sign up at

On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

A new session of Playing With Paint will begin Friday, January 25th at www.QuiltUniversity.com. It’s a great on-line class where we learn to play with complete abandon. It’s just like being  back in kindergarten – oh – and we’ll also be learning the properties and uses of textile paints.

 One lesson opens each week for four weeks but I’m on-line for at least five or six – answering any questions and commenting on all the fun work students submit to the class gallery.

 During this tough economic time on-line courses are a fantastic alternative to the expenses of traveling to a live workshop. $40.00 for a month of fun is a great value. Oh, and you get to come to class in your pajamas!

 Registration is open now – SIGN UP! I’d love to play with paint with YOU!

You can see a class description and supply list here: http://quiltuniversity.com/classlist.htm#PlayingWithPaint

Student Spotlight: Sally Westcott

I’d like to introduce you to a student I feel I know and love, but whom I’ve never met face to face. Sally Westcott lives half way across the world from where I live –  but we’ve had lots of fun together thanks to the wonders of technology and on-line teaching.

Here is some of the lovely, playful experimentation that Sally did while in Playing With Paint at QuiltUniversity.com.





Sally played with Shiva Paint Sticks – she found materials for rubbings anywhere and everywhere.

Wet washes with both crayon and salt resists.

Stamp carving and stenciling.

More lovely stencil work.

These techniques will be taught in the on-line class
Playing With Paint
January 25th, 2013
www. QuiltUniversity.com

I encourage you to pop on over to Sally’s blog and say hello (and happy birthday!)

On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

A new session of my on-line course
Playing With Paint
will include many wet brush painting techniques, stamp carving, stenciling, and yes –

playing with your food.

Class opens Friday January 25th but registration will be open through next week.
4 lessons, seven weeks of my time to answer your questions.
There isn’t a better value anywhere – all for only $40.

On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

What do each of these things have in common?

You might end up using all of them in my upcoming on-line class through QuiltUniversity.com
Playing With Paint

begins on January 25th
four lessons
seven weeks of time with the instructor (me)
for only $40.00

waaaaay too much fun
registration is open now – hope to see you there!

Artist Spotlight: Lynn Krawczyk

Sometimes you meet people that you just KNOW you are going to like. They exude a creative spirit that draws you in. Lynn Krawczyk is one of those people. She is a fellow fiber artist and surface design enthusiast and (my favorite thing about her) a generous teacher. She writes about being an artist and shares her techniques freely. She’s smart and kind and fun – a perfect combination in a teacher don’t you think?

I’d love you to meet her.

Lyric: How did you come to be an artist?
Lynn: I always say it was fate. I was recovering from back surgery, bored out of my wits and saw a show on TV about quilts. I had never picked up fabric or thread, knew nothing about it but it was like a thunderbolt struck me, I was instantly in love. I got books, read as much as I could and started making crazy quilts. That was about the time Quilting Arts started and I eventually found art quilting and now my true art soulmate: surface design. Bliss. 🙂

Lyric: Why do you work with the media you have chosen?
Lynn: I think there is such a familiarity with fabric that it feels like a natural extension. I also like creating textile collages/art quilts because of the stitching. I stitch mostly by hand (I’ve just begun to add some very limited machine stitching) and I love that it takes me so long to complete a piece. I feel more connected to it. 

Lyric: What are your goals for the next year?
Lynn: I’ve got a lot of big projects on the books for 2013. I want to teach more and I’ve started doing that with an online class about writing. I’m also working on some online teaching since in person teaching isn’t something I can do a lot of. I’m rebranding my business to Smudged Textiles Studio and am having a new website designed. And lots of article writing! Always writing! 🙂

So – I’d like to recommend Lynn’s upcoming on-line course
for any of you who also love to write and want to incorporate writing into the process of creating of your visual art. You know I am big on learning to draw but there are other ways of keeping a sketchbook as well and Lynn will help you learn them.

Here is Lynn’s description of the class:

Once a month over the course of six months you’ll receive a link to download a PDF with a writing prompt. (Class begins on January 19, 2013. On January 5, 2013 you will receive an invitation to join a Yahoo group to discuss your writing with Lynn and other students, this is optional.)

Here’s what you’ll receive in each prompt:

* A different form of writing will be featured, such as haiku and photo essays.

* An exercise that explores that form of writing. Lynn will do the exercise as an example and then ask you to do the same.

* Three additional prompts to serve as jumping off points for additional writing over the course of the month.

* A Featured Artist that has made writing an integrated part of her art process. She will share her own personal writings as well as show artwork that relates to it. Featured Artists includeVirginia SpiegelKaren Anne Glick, Lynn Krawczyk, Lesley Riley and Sue Bleiweiss.

You can enroll through the class by purchasing a spot through my Etsy shop. I set up listings there to make it easy, especially since Etsy takes credit cards now.

The class is only $28.

And if you’d like to purchase it as a gift for someone, just let Lynn know in the notes section when you check out through Etsy.

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