thermofax paint

Textile Paint from Prochemical and Dye

Highly pigmented
Permanent after heat setting
Leaves a soft hand on the fabric
Perfect consistency for screen printing

photo 4-1 photo 1-1
3 oz each of
Yellow, Red, and Blue



3 oz each of
Yellow, Red, and Blue



printed onto on dark fabric:
photo 3-1 photo 2-1
3 oz each of
beautiful metallic
Silver, Gold, and Copper

3 oz each of




giveaway: mini thermofax screens

Congratulations to Autumn Adams who is the winner of Desriee Habicht’s pattern book and fabric bundle. In answer to my question, “how does art help you through the rough times?”  she said that “The wonderful thing about creating is that it puts you in the “now” so that while we are grieving we are also celebrating life because creating is giving birth.” I wholeheartedly agree.


Today, because I would rather spend some time making art instead of writing about it, I am going to give away a sweet little set of mini thermofax screens. I know it is hard to see them – they are a pair of royal seagulls dressed up in their funky finest… a small version of the pair I used (in a different technique) for this piece.


Today I hope to spend lots of time in the studio – screen printing. I spent the morning repairing all the broken paypal buttons on my thermofax paint page – did you know I get to carry ProChem’s textile paint now? It’s totally my favorite for screen printing. I have them in the basic primary and neutral kits as well as my favorite three pearlescent silver, gold, bronze 4-1

Leave a comment here telling me what kind of art you would love to make on a cold, wet, shut-in kind of day.

I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday.

Surface Design: play day

Sometimes you just need a little brightness – and today is one of those days. A little time spent with an X-Acto knife and some white plastic erasers and I have lovely stamps to print with.

photo-3When I was working in the studio yesterday I ran across some fun stuff to print with. Bits of this and that.

photo-6Would you like to play with me? This is just one of the techniques I teach in my Surface Design Sampler Platter class. I’ll be playing with these techniques for two days September 26 – 27th in Virginia with the Cutting Edge Quilt Guild.

I’ll also be teaching Surface Design Sampler Platter in the most lovely of places: Blowing Rock, North Carolina at the Once in a Blue Moon Fiber Art Retreat.  Susan Brubaker Knapp and I have some truly fun play time planned for our students. November 13-16th.

Join Us!


Surface Design – getting distracted

So I’ve been working on a few blog posts for you and was going to show you some of the fun surface design techniques I love to play with – but I got distracted. I’ve been on a cleaning binge – clearing out the giant piles in my studio.

photo 2-4As I dug around in five different places looking for the textile paints I was after I decided to reorganize my storage and put the paints all in one bin. One that is actually right next to my work table. Smart eh?

photo 1-4And then I realized how many duplicates I have and spent several hours consolidating jars. I discovered many that were dried up. I’ve been gifted with lots of paint from other people clearing out their studios – and some paint was just so well hidden that I never found it in time to use it. For me – being disorganized not only wastes time, it wastes space and materials. It always feels great to clear things out and be able to find them again.

photo 3-4And perhaps you’d appreciate this tip. This tool is a jar opener from pampered chef. I had one of those flat rubber opening thingies (yes that is really what it’s called right?) but it had dried out or something and instead of being sticky it was slick. Didn’t work. This works like a charm. Those little teeth grab right on and I can get a good grip on the handle. Sweet. Now I’ve got my paint down to two useable bins, rather than five or six messy drawers all over the place.

Today I’ll get to work…. and try not to get distracted again!

Work In Progress: really large canvas pt. 3

Scroll down to the previous post to see part 2 of this piece where inspiration only took a year to arrive.


This time it only took a week or so. I screened molding paste through this fabulous stencil, and also just slathered it on here and there.20130522-181806.jpg

 I got the fabulous Crafters Workshop stencil (TCW124 Capricious) way back in 2009 at Houston.20130522-181843.jpg

Looooove it!

On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

A new session of Playing With Paint will begin Friday, January 25th at It’s a great on-line class where we learn to play with complete abandon. It’s just like being  back in kindergarten – oh – and we’ll also be learning the properties and uses of textile paints.

 One lesson opens each week for four weeks but I’m on-line for at least five or six – answering any questions and commenting on all the fun work students submit to the class gallery.

 During this tough economic time on-line courses are a fantastic alternative to the expenses of traveling to a live workshop. $40.00 for a month of fun is a great value. Oh, and you get to come to class in your pajamas!

 Registration is open now – SIGN UP! I’d love to play with paint with YOU!

You can see a class description and supply list here:

What I’m Up To

Quilting Arts DVD Workshop

!!! IT’S HERE !!!

(well, almost)
All that work and all that fun I had during February has come to fruition. I took a peek at Quilting Arts website today and there it is – my new workshop on DVD. I haven’t seen the tape yet but it’s available for pre-order here.

May I just take a moment to say… “WAHOOO!”

What’s it all about you say? Well – let me tell you. Surface Design Sampler Platter will give you a little taste of a bunch of different surface design techniques. A little stamp carving, a little stencil cutting, a little screen printing, foiling, and photocopy transfer. Sound fun? Totally!
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