On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

A new session of Playing With Paint will begin Friday, January 25th at www.QuiltUniversity.com. It’s a great on-line class where we learn to play with complete abandon. It’s just like being  back in kindergarten – oh – and we’ll also be learning the properties and uses of textile paints.

 One lesson opens each week for four weeks but I’m on-line for at least five or six – answering any questions and commenting on all the fun work students submit to the class gallery.

 During this tough economic time on-line courses are a fantastic alternative to the expenses of traveling to a live workshop. $40.00 for a month of fun is a great value. Oh, and you get to come to class in your pajamas!

 Registration is open now – SIGN UP! I’d love to play with paint with YOU!

You can see a class description and supply list here: http://quiltuniversity.com/classlist.htm#PlayingWithPaint

On-Line Class: Playing With Paint

What do each of these things have in common?

You might end up using all of them in my upcoming on-line class through QuiltUniversity.com
Playing With Paint

begins on January 25th
four lessons
seven weeks of time with the instructor (me)
for only $40.00

waaaaay too much fun
registration is open now – hope to see you there!

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