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kinard_feathers_04Paper Camera 1

kinard_feathers_05Paper Camera 2

kinard_feathers_07Maku Hanga


Apps for Artists: Paper Camera

A fun APP available for iphone or android smart phones that might be of interest is
Paper Camera by JFDP Labs
As an artist, there are so many fun things to do with a smart phone or tablet with a camera. One late night waiting around I spent a very entertaining hour playing around with all the options on this camera app. Things got a little silly as you’ll see.

My favorite is the Sketch-Up filter!

There are a ton of filters to play with – you can take the shot right in the app or process a photo from your camera’s library. You can control the contrast, brightness, and lines for each filter but that’s it. It’s very simple to use. Here are a few more of my favorite filters.

Old Printer

Granny’s Paper

Andy Pop

I can’t remember if this is the Comic Boom or the Bleaching filter.

Neon Cola – bwaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaa!

Gotham Noir 

As I look at some of these I’m realizing that they might be very good learning tools. In the picture above there are well defined dark and light spaces. Sometimes when I’m drawing features I have a difficult time seeing where shadows lie and instead of filling in dark and light will outline an eye shape or a nose. Taking a few pics here it would be easy to practice drawing simplified eye and nose shapes with dark and light alone shapes.

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