for your inspiration: alice’s adventures in wonderland

On my recent jaunt through the Denver, Colorado area I spent most of my time in Centennial in a rather business-centric part of town. I had an hour or two to roam and perused Yelp, TripAdvisor, and RoadTrippers to see what was close by and discovered the Madden Museum of Art. Unfortunately as soon as I got into my car my week’s worth of sleepless nights caught up with me and I found myself at the hotel instead for a blissful nap.


Once awake I made my way to the museum but phone calls interrupted and time was short and in walking by I discovered a small outdoor sculpture park full of delightful sculptures by Harry Marinsky celebrating Lewis Caroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

IMG_7492“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

IMG_7493“”There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents, and only one for birthday presents, you know.”

IMG_7495“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.”
(Why do I so strongly identify with this quote as a woman/mother/business owner?)

IMG_7498You are old, Father William, the young man said,
And your hair has become very white:
And yet you incessantly stand on your head – 
Do you think at your age that is right?

In my youth, Father William replied to his son,
I feared it might injure the brain;
But, now that I’m perfectly sure I have none,
Why I do it again and again.

for your inspiration: art from the freer and sackler galleries

horse_chinese_bronzeHorse: China, Han dynasty (206 B.C. – A.D. 220)

ganesh_art_sculptureGanesha, the elephant god
South India, Mysore region, 13th century

cuneformFoundation Inscription: Iran, Persepolis, southern terrace wall, paper, ca 1923–35

chinese_bronze_wine_vesselRitual Wine Vessel: Eastern Zhou dynasty, 8th century B.C.

dancer_india_sculptureCelestial Dancer: India, state of Karnataka, 12th century

for your inspiration: washington DC

american_indian_museumThe American Indian Museum

column_capitalBotanical Gardens

fountain_mosaid_first_ladiesFirst Ladies Fountain: Botanical Gardens

smithsonian_castleSmithsonian Castle

mouth_eye_fountainOld Town Alexandria

eye_fountainOld Town Alexandria

old_town_alexandriaOld Town Alexandria

For Your Inspiration: The Art Institute creatures

In Paducah – still….

Weather isn’t always kind to air travelers. Our little puddle jumper from Paducah to Chicago was delayed (and delayed and delayed) because of all the nasty weathery mess up there and down here and all around the country. After a quick consultation with “Mr. Mom” at home I volunteered to be one of the four passengers they needed to bump so that they could take on extra fuel to spend extra time circling up there. So here I sit in a paid hotel for an extra night or two instead of stuck in the airport up there waiting to see if my late night flight would be delayed or canceled.
So here are some more of my photos from Paducah.
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