Why I Resist

I have thought long and hard about what to say here about my involvement with the Threads of Resistance exhibit.

I have never posted about anything controversial here in this public forum, keeping my business and political life entirely separate. If you follow me on Facebook you know that I have been unable to stay quiet about my political opinions there. I strive to engage in civil dialogue. I strive to honor and listen to all points of view. I strive to promote kindness and love and light. So why would I help sponsor an exhibit that to some might be offensive? I hope you will do me the kindness of reading with an open heart and mind.


BECAUSE in my naive youth I wrote an essay that explored ideas of xenophobia and wondered if immigrants could be America’s best asset if we would embrace them. This was before I knew more than a handful of people that didn’t look and talk and worship just like me.

Since then I’ve gained experience, learned the story of the “other” in America, been privileged to be let into the hearts and lives of those who love this country but have not been fully embraced. I have been the privileged recipient of the kindness of immigrants and refugees in my life. I have witnessed the sacrifice of parents fleeing bombings and war or no way to support their children at home. Parents who give up everything they know to provide safety and hope for their children. Parents who believed America when she says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

I was born in a city surrounded by a wall and a death strip erected by dictators and have lived to see that divisive wall come down.

I cannot support a man who uses words to promote fear of my fellow Americans, who demonizes the “other” if their skin is brown. A man who wants to build a wall that we cannot afford and that will not matter to the safety of this country.

I resist because I have HOPE.

Hope in seeing the crowd at the airport that welcomes the refugees fleeing terror and war. Hope in seeing the compassion of the American people. Hope in a new generation that does not believe the color of your skin should determine your educational opportunities or whether you will survive an encounter with a police officer.

BECAUSE I remember being a very young teenager, walking with my sister. A boy, bigger and older than me got out of a van, came up behind me and roughly grabbed me. There. Then walked away laughing. I was so shocked and frightened that my sister and I turned around and walked home. I changed out of my new pants and undid my new hairdo. I had worn both for the first time. I never wore those pants or did my hair that way again thinking somehow that I was at fault for looking like that. I never told anyone. My sister and I never talked about it.

I cannot support a man who through his actions and words thinks that sexual assault is acceptable.

I resist because I have HOPE

My daughters will have someone to tell who will not brush it off or blame what they wore. Men and women are standing up to say that sexual assault is NEVER acceptable.

BECAUSE I grew up spending hours in front of our family’s National Geographic collection, reading about all the wonders in the world. I longed to see the beauty of nature and her amazing creatures. As an adult that same magazine has been full of the heartbreaking disappearance and destruction of those resources.

I cannot support a man who values short term profit for the very few over preserving the finite natural resources that will not last another generation.

I resist because I have HOPE.

I see scientists coming out of their labs and onto the streets. They are sharing data and knowledge and trying to help us save our world. I see a young generation trying to salvage this mess that we have bequeathed to them. They value community and world citizenship.

I resist.

Because America is not meant to be ruled by a king or an oligarch.

Because I love the constitution of the United States. 

Because I value the checks and balances of the Judiciary branch.

Because I honor the sacrifices made by those who fight for our freedoms. 

Because I believe in the freedom of religion for all Americans.

Because I believe the press must be free to expose deception.

Because I believe educating ALL our children is vital to our future.

Because I seek truth and will not condone lies.

Because I feel I must speak for those who are denied a voice.

Because I value love and compassion and kindness.

Because I love America.

Because I am an American.



Because I HOPE.

If you would like to join us please look here for more information and an open call for entry.
Entry deadline is May 1, 2017
Juried artworks will travel from July 2017 through at least October of 2018


I welcome your respectful comments, whatever your view.
Aside from this post, this blog will remain, by and large, non-political.

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