heads down – working hard

August 12, 2008
I’ve got some serious deadline issues. All the artwork for the book needs to be done in just the next few weeks. Plus getting ready to shoot a couple of segments for QATV. I’m trying my best to dovetail the two – using some of the same work for both. Here’s a pretty picture of my new baby… getting ready to sandwich and quilt a funky color wheel.

I’m averaging six small pieces per day. No time to photograph and blog – barely enough time to feed my children and get them where they need to go. I can’t believe I’m missing the Olympics. Hmmm…. maybe it’s time to do some of the sketchbook work – in front of the telly? Looking at the list – maybe not. Sigh.
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    August 12, 2008 at 2:42 am

    Hi Lyric, the pears look great! Can’t wait to see this piece finished!

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