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September 8, 2008
Fun stuff again! I just received advance copies of Quilting Arts GIFTS, a fun issue full of quick and easy projects that are perfect for Christmas. It should be on the stands by the end on September.

It’s been years since I’ve had time to make hand-made gifts for people so I don’t usually pay attention to projects like this. If I were to do something from this issue however, it would most definitely by Lois Jarvis’ Travel Scarf. You’ll have to look it up. Here’s a sneak peak at my project.

As sort of an “aside” I thought I’d share my Christmas gift philosophy. We have lots of kids in our family. We live in an affluent area of the United States. We love Christmas. I do, however, try my level best to raise my children without that sense of entitlement that seems so prevalent among children today. I think they get tired of my telling them that we are put on the earth to make it a better place, not to be entertained.
The kids get one gift from “Santa” and a small something in their stockings. They love to make or buy gifts for each other. We don’t put presents under our tree until Christmas Eve. After they go to bed each child is allowed to sneak up, pull out the gifts for the family that they have hidden, and put on the elf hat and arrange it under the tree. Then we put the rest of the gifts there. 
We give family portraits to our parents every year and among my siblings we have traded names in the past. Lately we have written down our different memories of a common experience instead of buying things. Eventually we will have a family history book that will be a treasure for generations.
We try each year to choose a service project, such as sponsoring another family, and go all out spending a day shopping and wrapping and when possible, anonymously delivering gifts for them. The kids know Christmas is not their birthday – it is Christs’. 


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    Martha Ginn
    December 4, 2008 at 11:47 pm

    Lyric, what a beautiful post about Christmas gifts and how your family celebrates the true meaning. I will visit your blog often after just happening upon it. I see you are working on a book…..I’ll stay tuned!
    What a beautiful and busy family, and you are finding/making time for memories.
    Martha Ginn

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    Carol Sloan
    September 11, 2008 at 3:46 pm

    what an awesome way to raise your children! You’re right, so many people raise their kids to view Christmas as a time to get eveything they ever wanted…I gave my son a dollar amount (below 150.00) and he chooses the gift (he’s 19 so it works!). I know people that actually GO IN DEBT on Christmas…go figure.

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