I Love Teaching

January 20, 2009

What a lovely weekend! I had the pleasure of teaching and lecturing at the Durham Orange Quilt Guild this past weekend. My students were wonderful and worked hard – and – had a LOT of fun!

Monday we played with Surface Design and make elegant little sketchbook covers. Here are the hardy few who finished their project and braved the inclement weather to stick around for the lecture.

I’m thankful that the snow held off until the wee hours of the morning when we all snug in our warm beds. It’s been an amazing day to stay home, play in the snow, and celebrate the momentous occasion of the peaceful transition of power in our democracy. And nothing is cuter than my little guy shouting “Go Obama!”

I also really enjoyed sleeping in instead of getting right up to get everyone off to school. Oh! Speaking of teaching – next up is a ON-LINE class through QuiltUniversity.comPlaying With Paint. It starts February 6th but registration is open now.

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