Guest Post – Beth Berman

January 25, 2010
After seeing the work she did using techniques learned from my Surface Design Sampler Platter DVD workshop, I couldn’t wait to introduce you to Beth Berman. She has very kindly written up some wonderful information on new products and the process she used to make this beautiful piece.


You may already know about this product but it is new to me. I received a sample of the AVERY NOTE TABS and realized the sturdy stiff repositionable plastic note tabs would make perfect stencil material. I cut this spiral stencil and applied it to this quilt with silver paint. You can wash it and reuse it and it doesn’t lose its tacky back. I store them by sticking them to the side of my bookshelf. This one has been used many times and just washed.

The quilt page (9×11) is a solvent transfer of the crow , a la Lyric’s Surface Design DVD, then darkened with fabric paint, covered with a dryer sheet printed with a scan of three feathers. I hand carved stamps, thanks you Lyric- from Speedy Carve and used pearl paint. The dryer sheet idea came from Natalya Aiken’s DVD, Texture Transformation: Stitch, Alter, Recycle. I LOVE the look of these printed dryer sheets. A tip from me: Buy the precut FLAT freezer sheets she recommends and avoid the printer jam headache.

These are 5 new crow stamps I made after watching Lyric Kinards DVD. One of the topics on “Surface Design Sampler Platter” was carving rubber stamps. She suggested Speedy Carve which is a soft, easy to carve material. I bought large sheets, carved, then cut each stamp out, yes, with scissors, and glued it to a wooden block which I polyed after stamping an image of the stamp onto the top of the wooden block. I now have a shoe box full of custom made stamps. I also tried linoleum blocks. Although much cheaper, they are harder to carve and slipping with the bladed carving tool was a problem for me. As a matter of fact, I’ve got a huge puncture right now. I’ll spend the extra and use speedy carve exclusively.

(A note from Lyric – if you’d like a little extra fun, information, and interaction – my Playing With Paint class begins on February 19th through It includes stamp carving as well as a number of other fun things to do with paint, includes four lessons and you have access to me for about 6 weeks. $36 isn’t bad for all that!)

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