Congratulations to the Winner!

September 18, 2010
Jamie, who has a sweet blog called Remnants, is the winner of Diana Trout’s book.
I really want to thank all of you for commenting and telling us what it is you think you are needlessly afraid of. Diana has enjoyed reading the comments as well and I know from experience how wonderful the interaction between author and readers can be. 
Diana is doing something special and wonderful on her blog – in her own words:

Creative Revolution 
I’m not completely sure what kind of path this will take yet. For the moment, once a month, on or about the 15th, I will set out an idea. It could be anything: a simple journal entry, a recipe prompt, a nudge to be more creative when you get dressed in the morning. These nudges will be simple, 5-minute (or more, if you’d like). They will be something that can very easily be incorporated into your day.

I LOVE what she is doing. We are on the same crusade, Diana and I! Nothing makes us happier than watching people recognize and nurture their creativity. I think I’ll join her and invite you to do the same. Head over there right now and see what the current prompt is. It’s one I highly recommend.
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    September 18, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Congratulations to Jamie. Thanks for the alerting us to Diana's Creative Revolution and for the link Lyric. It's an interesting starter prompt and very doable.

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