And There Was Much Fun To Be Had

October 4, 2010
Really – there was. In spite of the heat wave and barely-there air conditioning – we had a FANTASTIC time with the Burke Quilters Unlimited. The class was Screen Printing and the location was Judy Gula’s most fantastic shop ever: Artistic Artifacts Annex.
 I can’t seem to remember if this we were beading or learning photo transfer here.
Kathy is making a lovely piece with her citra-solv photo transfer.
You can see a tutorial here
Meghan is using transfer paper for her photo transfer piece.
 Cyndi Souder and Judy Gula laugh over a funny X-Acto knife story.
Hubby had been “using” her kit out in the garage for quite some time while she was looking for it.
Busy, busy students learning Screen Printing.
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