Tutorial: Ribbon Wrist Strap

October 20, 2010
As promised, here is a quick tutorial on making a ribbon wrist strap for – well anything you want a wrist strap to hold. I suggest looking through all of the pictures first (especially if you are a visual learner) and then go back and read the instructions. Have fun!
  • Ribbon (long enough to fit over your hand)
  • craft wire
  • long head pin
  • bead cap or cone
  • wire cutters/ jewelry snippers
  • round tipped pliers

1- make a loop in one end of the craft wire and hold it against the end of your ribbon loop.
 2 – Take the long end of the wire and wrap it around the ribbon and the wire loop.
Make sure to leave the short end of the loops wire hanging out.

 3 – Bend the end of the head pin over as shown, catch it in the loop.
4 – Pull the short end of the wire so that the head pin is pulled in tight to the wrapped wire.
Wrap more wire, neatly or not, to secure the ribbon.
Trim the ribbon and craft wire, bout NOT the head pin.

 5 – Slip the bead cap or cone over the pin. Snip the head pin to about 3/4″ if it is too long.

 6 – Using your round tip pliers grab the tip of the head pin and pull it into a loop.
Now you can attach your ribbon strap to whatever thingamajig you’d like. In this case I sewed a ring onto the gadget case and hooked the loop into it before pressing it shut with the pliers.

And guess what!?!
I’ve just added some gadget cases to my
Pop on over and take a look!

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