The Beginnings of Glory

December 3, 2010

It’s been a glorious walk up to the bus stop every morning the past two months. Here in North Carolina it seems that a tree grows pretty much everywhere that isn’t mowed or paved. That is a far cry from Salt Lake City where I grew up. There you plant and carefully water any green thing that isn’t sage brush. Those leaves on the ground look brown and dried up from afar but stop and take a look by your feet and there is a world of color and beauty.

Add to that one Epson R1900 wide format printer with amazingly wonderful Ultrachrome ink. It’s been sitting and waiting for too long.  I’ve had an idea in mind and it just needed (as is my usual modus operandi) a looming deadline!

Gloria Hansen, the guru of all things printed and fabric, recommended the inks and the paper backed fabric from Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems. When I know someone is the kind of person who tests everything and is very particular about their outcomes, I simply follow their advice and save myself some time. 
I also highly recommend her book, Digital Essentials, the Quilt Makers Must Have Guide to Files, Images, and More. It is a truly helpful book if you have questions about printing on fabric, sizing images, and anything else a quilter might need to know about working with digital images. I do believe she is having a sale on the book before Christmas (hint, hint!)

I’ll introduce you to more of Gloria’s work in a few weeks. You’re going to love it! And her.

Tomorrow I’ll show you what happens when all of these wonderful things come together.

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