Faces on Friday and Creative Students!

April 15, 2011
I spent time this week with the Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild. These pictures were taken during our class “The Elements of Art.” After a long day of play and design each student searched out an object and brought it back to the table. Each was then given a basic design element (texture, shape, line, color value) to concentrate on while they quickly interpreted their tableau. I love seeing the creativity and playfulness that expressed itself in each piece.
 tulips, basket, fly swatter
 branches, dandelions, sweet gum balls
tulips, cookie 
pot, glue, bowl of water 

floating leaf, plant

 tongs, water bottle, magnolia pods
These exercises were seriously “out of the box” for these lovely quilters and I am so impressed with how they willingly opened up and gave it their best. Their work was playful, lovely, creative, and wonderful.
This is why I love teaching!
And because I promised myself I would…. here are the week’s faces.
Almost all of these are very quickly done.
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