Faces on Friday and Sketch-In Reminder

April 29, 2011
I could only see the right half of her face
He turned away after one minute or so

I didn’t do any of the 3×5 quick faces this week – but I did do the work. It’s good to be flexible in your methods and goal keeping. As long as you are still keeping the goal!

At the Chrysler Museum of Art
At church, and a contour drawing.
A speaker at church
I had a lovely time with a friend – talking and sketching at a coffee shop. It’s a good “incognito” place to draw as people sit and stay for a bit. 
At the Chrysler Museum of Art

Tomorrow morning you are invited to a SKETCH-IN at the North Carolina Museum of Art. 10-12!
Museums are a wonderful place to draw. Statues don’t move.
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