Artist Spotlight: Susan Sorrell

September 16, 2011
Today a fellow Sketchbook Challenge artist, and a fellow Carolinian, Susan Sorrell, will review “Bead It Like You Mean It” on her blog. Get to know her just a bit here, then go there and leave a comment on her blog for a chance to win the DVD!
 Susan Sorrell has always had a “wild imagination” growing up. Traveling all over the world with her father’s job, she has had to entertain herself with all kinds of arts and crafts. She didn’t become serious about art, until she made it her major at Winthrop University. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Design, Susan worked for a short time as a graphic artist, and then decided to get her Masters in Education at Converse College, to teach art. 
Funky Fungus
beaded, painted/printed fabric, hand embroidery, mixed media
Being around children was a great way to get her creative juices flowing, so she quit after 12 years and became a full time artist. Susan calls herself a “mixed media” artist, since she likes to dabble in a lot of different medias. She has been working with textiles since 1998 and hasn’t tired of it yet. 
 Combining painting, sewing, beading and embellishing on fabric has opened new avenues to express her self.  Her pieces are whimsical, colorful and have a personal theme. Susan likes to draw her inspirations from her life and what is happening in the world. 
Her recent series of work, “Southern Fried Fiber” is inspired by her “Southern” roots. Susan lives in Greenville, South Carolina and has a studio, Little House Art Studios, located in Taylors, SC.  To view more of Susan Sorrell work visit her website 

Remember to leave a comment on Susan’s blog for a chance to win Bead It Like You Mean It

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