Gratitude Gift Guide 2011: On-line Courses

November 25, 2011
Find Joy, Be Inspired, Create Beauty

Because you ARE creative. But bringing out that creativity and forming into the vision in your mind takes some time and some messing around and some practice.
Cool thing is, that it’s FUN practice.

Here’s one that’s fun.
Machine Quilting: Free Motion and More

On-Line video course with Wendy Butler Berns

and for you – a discount link for $29.99

Wendy is a friend of mine, and one of the best teachers I know. How cool is it that you can take classes with amazing people like her without leaving home. 
This class has over 4 hours of video broken up in easy to swallow bits that take you all the way through the process. She starts with preparing your quilt, helps you set up your machine – and off you go. She’s with you every step of the way.
I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with the film quality. Good lighting, good close ups, and my favorite – she smiles and laughs a lot. I think you will like her course. You get to take it at your own pace, and Wendy is there on-line to answer your questions.

Playing with Paint student work by Cheryl
You could also treat yourself or your quilting friends to a Quilt University gift certificate
I have two classes coming up in a few months:
Playing With Paint on January 20th
Artists Toolbox Feb 17

And a few fun opportunities for you:
don’t forget to comment on Ann Fahl’s book review for a chance to win “A Black and White Tale

And a lot of chances to win Jill Berry’s book,
Personal Geographies begin today with her blog hop.

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