The Sketchbook Challenge: OPEN, April’s theme

April 4, 2012
 It’s my turn to work over at The Sketchbook Challenge to choose the theme for the month of April. As I’ve watched spring blossom all around me I’ve finally settled on an idea.
 How many different ways can you interpret this theme?

open something within


1. not closed or barred
2. having the interior immediately accessible
3. free of obstructions to sight, movement, or internal arrangement
4. to move from a shut or closed position so as to admit passage
5. to render unobstructed
6. to render the interior readily accessible
7. to clear of obstructions

be open to receiving…..

“Stuff your eyes with wonder; live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”  ~Ray Bradbury

Open your Eyes, your Heart, your Soul!

There is nothing more joyful than seeing the world through the eyes of an artist. Noticing the beautiful textures in the bark of a tree, the intricate lines in the cracks on the sidewalk. Be open to the beauty that surrounds you! 

Draw, create. Then head over to the Sketchbook Challenge flickr group and post your work – fun prizes are available to participants at the end of the month. Here’s information on how TSC works.
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