Jane Sassaman Book Tour

July 1, 2012

July is going to be a very fun month here at Lyric Art! It’s going to be full of Artist Spotlights and Book Reviews and lots of fun giveaways. And it’s not just me, there are wonderful blog tours and giveaways going on all over the place! The first tour, introducing Jane Sassaman’s fabulous new book starts tomorrow over at Laura Wasilowski’s blog. Stop by there then follow the new links each day.


2 Laura Wasilowski       http://artfabrik.blogspot.com/
3 Jessica Sloan       http://remnantsfiberculture.blogspot.com/
5 Judy CoatesPerez       http://judyperez.blogspot.com/
6 Jane Sassaman       http://sassaman.blogspot.com/
7 Linda Teufel       http://dragonthreadsopenbook.blogspot.com/
8 Gloria Hansen       http://www.gloriahansen.com/weblog/
9 Melissa Peda       http://100billionstars.com/blog/
10 Susan B Knapp       http://wwwbluemoonriver.blogspot.com/
11 Jacquie Gering       http://tallgrassprairiestudio.blogspot.com/
12 Weeks Ringle       http://craftnectar.com/
13 SewCalGal       http://www.sewcalgal.blogspot.com/
14 Jessic Kovach       http://twinfibers.blogspot.com/
15 Pam Matthews       www.delrayfabrics.com/blog
16 Frieda Anderson       http://friestyle.blogspot.com/
17 Pat Sloan       http://blog.patsloan.com/
18 Jan Krentz       http://www.jankrentz.com/weblog/
19 Anita Grossman Solomon       http://makeitsimpler.blogspot.com/
20 Lyric Kinard       http://lyrickinard.blogspot.com/
21 The Quilt Show       http://www.thequiltshow.com/os/blog.php
22 Jane La Fazio       http://janeville.blogspot.com/
23 Free Spirit       http://www.freespiritfabric.blogspot.com/
24 Nancy Zieman       http://www.nancyzieman.com/blog/


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