The Art Box CSA

August 10, 2012

I thought you might enjoy seeing the creation process for the series of works I did for

The Art Box CSA

Art Box work by Lyric Montgomery Kinard

dye and discharge cloth with a katazome inspired thermofax screen

mix colorless extender with textile paint to increase its transparency

use photoshop and make several images for a thermofax screen – variations on a theme

put it up and take a look – say oooooh, aaaaah!

test images for placement, keeping in mind the size of the canvas

use a strong enough color that it will contrast and become a focal point

a second screen will be used to apply foil adhesive to a selected area

a card (I always end up with a hotel room key) is perfect for this size of screen

lay the foil color side up on top of the DRY adhesive and use the edge of the iron and quite a bit of pressure to apply the foil

let the foil cool before peeling it off

check placement with canvas again before proceeding to the next step – adding batting and stitching

Keep your eye out here for a tutorial on how to mount the finished work on a gallery wrapped canvas.

The finished artwork in this series is available for purchase at

What is an Art Box?

An Art Box is a new and exciting way to purchase a collection of art from several different artists at once.  Artists create a limited number of new original artworks for inclusion in the box in a predetermined size making it easy for the collector to display them together if they desire. Purchasing an Art Box is a cost effective way to begin or add to a growing art collection from today’s most popular mixed media and textile artists.

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