Creative Wisdom: Baby Steps

September 17, 2012

Remember what we’ve done so far? Cleaned off a spot or two, made a list, picked out a photo for inspiration…
Let’s get just a little more specific today. Pick a work in progress, or something you’d like to start. Make a list of all the little steps that need to be done. Break it down to tiny bite sized pieces. Get the first thing ready to work on. If you get the urge and keep on going with it today, make sure to leave the next step out and ready to go for tomorrow.

Today so far I’ve looked at my possible entry deadlines (you can see a pretty full list of calls for entry on my website here.) I’ve chosen a show, ARTQUILTSwater that I want to be a part of and think I can manage. That’s only because I’ve already got something in the works that will fit the theme. My list starts – iron cloth, find image to layer, pull out projector, mark image, find batting. Today I might have time to iron.

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